Coolest things to do in TokyoI spent quite some time researching what to do in Tokyo. I wanted to see Tokyo’s coolest things to do, the best places in the city to check out, and to see if I could explore a few places off Tokyo’s beaten track.

If you’re anything like me – wants to see a city’s big sights but mixed up with a few weird wonders too – you’ll enjoy all 52 of the coolest things in Tokyo. Guaranteed.

Coolest things to do in TokyoSo print this out, get it on your phone, write it out – however you want to digest it – use it, and I guarantee you will have an incredible time in Tokyo. Just like I did.

52 Coolest Things to Do in Tokyo

1. Get your fortune told at Sensoji Temple.

2. Check out the line up at Womb club. Go.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo3. Make some friends on the weekend Pub Crawl.

4. See an artist live at the awesome Liquid Room.

5. Visit a pet shop, there’s one in Shibuya to try.

6. Find a sushi train. Try Ginza.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo7. Stay at a capsule hotel. Shinjuku kuyakusho-mae is a good shout.

8. Drink a beer at the Time Out Cafe.

9. And a Moscow Mule at the Robot Restaurant.

10. Eat the jerky at the Brooklyn Parlour.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo11. Walk around the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

12. Visit Harajuku on a Saturday (early). Eat crepes and try on clothes (with a bag over your head).

13. And then go and hang out in Yoyongi Park for the dancers.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo14. Get your photo taken on Shibuya crossing.

15. Eat a big fat burger at Lotteria, the Japanese Maccas.

16. Scoff teriyaki in the Golden Gai area, once you’ve managed to find a place that serves foreigners.

17. Eat sushi at the Asakusa Station Department Store, basement floor.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo18. Buy amazing cheap things at Asakusa Market. I bought a sparkly bolero. Love it.

19. Use the subway and get horribly confused and lost.

20. Go to Ryogku and watch the sumo wrestling.

21. Spend the day at Disneyland.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo22. Go to the Japanese tapas restaurant under the underpass in Ryogoku.

23. Find the craziest thing you can at the 7/11, buy it and eat it. Repeat.

24. Join in with the Japanese obsession with cakes.

25. Take a look in the cake shop, for dogs, in Ryogku.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo26. Climb to the highest point of Roppongi Hills and admire the Tokyo view, for free.

27. Take some photos in the Purikura photo booths.

28. Eat Yonezawa steak and drink red wine at Rainbow in Shimokitazawa.

29. Go vintage clothes shopping in Shimokitazawa.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo30. See the panda at Ueno Park Zoo.

31. Walk around Ueno Park for the fresh air.

32. Eat and drink from the endless vending machines.

33. Eat the French toast feasts advertised everywhere.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo34. Explore the market around Ueno Station and scoff some strawberries on sticks.

35. Go to the biggest sex shop in the world in Akihabara.

36. Drink green latte tea at the Maid Cafe in Akihabara.

37. Buy some electrical things in Akihabara.

coolest things to do in tokyo38. Eat ramen, everywhere.

39. Try the chicken curry at Coco’s. Unlike any curry you’ve ever had before.

40. Drink coffee and check your emails at the Mercedes Benz Connection showroom.

41. See the Gundam statue in Odaiba.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo42. Wander at night / morning when you’re jet lagged to see Tokyo like no one else.

43. Go in a spaceship at the Museum of Emerging Science in Odaiba.

44. And talk to a real life robot.

45. Then check out Odaiba’s Venus Fort Shopping Mall, and in house car museum.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo46. Rent a karaoke room by the hour and belt out your best power ballad.

47. Test out every function on one of the washlet toilets.

48. Have a gin and tonic at Tower Records Cafe in Shibuya.

49. Try and win a stuffed sushi toy in the arcades.

Coolest things to do in Tokyo50. Try all the sakes.

51. Visit the Monchichi Museum in Asakusa.

52. Put the map down, go off grid and find your own Tokyo!

More things to do in Tokyo

This lot kept me busy for ten days. There are a few other things I would’ve liked to do, which I’ll add here, but I can’t vouch for them personally.

  • Coolest things to do in TokyoTokyo Tower – too expensive and I saw the view for free from Roppongi Hills.
  • Tokyo Sky Tree – same.
  • Bus tour – need to do it on the first day to get value from it.
  • Ginza kabuki – no time.
  • More themed restaurants – travelling solo, not as fun.
  • Love Hotels – same!

Food in Tokyo

Coolest things to do in TokyoI basically spent my first week in Tokyo on the sushi. It was only after 7 days that I started to look elsewhere and found the Japanese tapas and the absolutely incredible Yonezawa beef steak. There are so many themed restaurants in Tokyo I’d love to try but they’re just not as fun by yourself.

I spent more time exploring in the day than at night too, so next time I go to Tokyo I’d go with someone and dedicate a lot more time to experiencing the food and drink. There’s lots more I need to explore!

All the photos are from my Instagram account @VickyFlipFlop.

What to do in Tokyo

Have I missed anything?

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