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Laptop’s Broken and iPhone’s Stolen: Along With Stories and Enthusiasm

I’ve been without my laptop for a week now. Last Sunday it decided it was overworked and after a ten-hour sesh the screen went white, a flashing folder appeared in the centre and I couldn’t get it to do anything else. No work, no blogging, no photo editing, nothing. My livelihood had been reduced to a question mark.

Big shout out to @BarnabyWDick and @kevintravelblog for trying to help me on Twitter during the difficult time.

Thankfully before I left England I backed it up using Time Machine, onto an external hard drive that I left at my friend’s house as I already had too much stuff. So hopefully, on Thursday I’ll be able to restore my laptop to circa 3rd August, until then, I’m going retro.

Broken laptop

I wrote an Ode to My Laptop on my Facebook to vent my distress, rather than using every swear word I could muster in front of a hostel lounge of confused faces looking back at me.

As you warmed my groin, I fingered your buttons. Oh, I knew which ones to press.

Every day, without fail, I’d turn you on. In return you’d show me the world, my eyes wide and bright as it unravelled before me.

Together we planned Vietnam, Cuba, America, but Eastern Europe was to be our trip, just you and I.

You were there for me when it mattered. We Liked, we favourited, we shared.

I can’t count the hours we’ve spent just staring at each other. For years I couldn’t wait to get home from work to see you, to tell you of my adventures without you.

But then you left. You’re just a shell.

What did I do wrong?

It was the 10-hour marathon in the hostel wasn’t it? That was it wasn’t it?!


I know. How could I expect you to go back to the danger of a wooden locker in a hostel in outer Romania when I’d shown you the bright lights of the Intercontinental Hotel in Budapest?

I just want you to know: I thought about you all day when I left you in the hostel. ALL DAY.

And this is how you repay me?

I’ll get you back, laptop. I’ll get my external hard drive in 11 days (and counting) and restore you, if it’s the last thing I do.

As for the work since 3rd August – 90% of it was done on Google drive – and the photos were all still on my iPhone. Phew.

But then in Bucharest my iPhone was stolen.

Along with the photos and a substantial amount of work in the notes section I’d done in the last week on my long train journeys. Gutted.

No, I hadn’t connected to iCloud or any of the other back up programmes I’ve found out about in the last 48 hours.

I’m finding it hard to muster the creative energy to write all those stories again. They were full of enthusiasm and memories from my 10 days in the almighty Budapest. I just wanted to share them with you all.

I’ve written this seemingly pointless note to remind you all to back up your phones and laptops whether they’re your livelihood or not. You never know what might happen. Activate Find my iPhone this minute, make sure all your photos have reinforcements and look after your posessions.

Otherwise you’ll end up like me.

(Any eagle eyes wondering how I’m Instagramming and blogging – I travel with two phones because of the battery at festivals, and I’m currently on some prehistoric machine at my hostel)

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  1. OMG! THATS HORRIBLE! I hope your laptop gets back to health and the jerk whole stole phone has bad karma coming their way! We are going on a year long trip to develop a cookbook and this is one of my worst fears!

    • Make sure you back everything up as soon as you do it! I’m going to be the Queen of Back Up when I get some electronics that work – you’ll see!

  2. Ouch!

    However, i do applaud you for taking so etching positive and productive out of an experience which will have left people crying.

    • Thanks Rexy. I may have shed a tear at the passing of my laptop but I think I’d become cold hearted when it came to the phone. One can only take so much electronic distress in a week :)

  3. Such a shame about your laptop and iPhone! But good on you for backing up your laptop – it’s one of those things that we all know we should do, but putting things on external hard drives/memory sticks can end up being a hard habit to keep (I’ve only just started using my external hard drive, shamefully enough).
    Sorry about your iPhone as well – that’s bad luck :( hopefully things improve. It must be a real pain to have lost all those notes on Budapest, as well as the phone itself.

    • Hey Polly, yeah I just really hope the back up works, I’ve never actually done that before. I shall find out on Thursday! Very annoying to lose my notes, just glad I still have some photos that I’d put on Facebook.

  4. The ode to your laptop is BRILLIANT! I can see you writing funny poetry….new career? ;)

    On a serious note, even though I’ve already said this to you on Facebook, I’m so sorry this happened to you and (as you know as it happened to me last month) I know exactly how you feel. I wish SO much that I’d backed my laptop up to the cloud and not just my external hard drive which was stolen as well and, now that you’ve said, I’ve started using One Drive for everything.

    I think you’re dealing with it all very well (and if you’re not you know where I am)


    • Thanks Beverley – it’s all quite distressing! Your article about your burglary was one of the last things I read on the laptop actually!


    God and the Devil would have it out,
    once and for all,
    A contest would decide who would stand,
    And who would fall,
    With word processors at the ready,
    Their doctrines to write,
    They worked furiously,
    Through out the night.

    As the sun arose
    Frustration was heard,
    The Devil screamed
    This is absurd
    Both computers had died,
    So who could win,
    The Light of the Ages
    Or the Master of Sin.

    The answer was simple,
    For all to see
    The Devil raves,
    Jesus SAVES.

  6. that sounds like a nightmare. My phone was stolen when I was in Bolivia and I didn’t get a new one for 2 weeks! I thought I was going to die, I can’t imagine not having my laptop too. I hope your creative energy comes back to write more stories!

    • Thanks Hannah, me too. It’s so annoying – I had so much stuff typed up on there. Ah well, could be worse I guess. So glad I have a back up phone. No Whatsapp is kind of upsetting. I’m learning more about Facebook functionality though – every cloud!

  7. Urgh I’m so sorry to hear that, that’s the worst luck! Good luck on the restore, we all still want to hear your stories!


  8. O crap. I’ve been ignoring the messages on my iphone about my cloud storage being full for months. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you get your gadgets and enthusiasm back soon J

  9. Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear that! I think this would be one of the worst things that could happen to me while travelling but you’re taking it so well. Hope you get a replacement sorted soon x

    • Thanks Leanne. I hope so too. I’ve accidentally booked back to back travelling so I don’t really have much time to sort anything!

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