I love to make a list.

In a job application, once upon a time, I told them that I was ‘very much a lists person’. Then I got that job, and they mocked me for it for the entirety of my employment. I still stand by it though. 

So when I was asked to try out the new app Pearlshare, which lets you create lists for or from your travels I was game.

This video explains a little more. Watch and learn.

There are a few ways you can use it to help plan or remember your travels, here are the pearly lists I made to give you an idea.


Food on South Congress Avenue

– Cool Spots on South Congress Avenue, Austin

Don’t go if you’re on any sort of diets, the candy is way too tempting! Shelves and shelves of retro sweets, loved it.

– Bloody Mary Guide to Chicago

You’ll have to fork out a bit of cash for this one but it’s worth it. Possibly the craziest Bloody Mary in Chicago! 


– Free Gaudi Guide to Barcelona

So cool from the outside. You can’t miss it on Passeig de Gracia thanks to the wiggly balconies and unique architecture. Go at night to see it lit up too.

– Hipster Spots of Hamburg

Look out for the cool shop that focuses exclusively on selling Hamburg made products – from vodka to fashion to housewares. Keep it local!


Using Pearlshare for Travel

– Outdoor Pools in Barcelona to Cool Off In

Right on the edge of the pine forest, this pool sure smells good! A great one for all the family as there are so many facilities nearby. 

How to do it

You just use the simple search tool to find your ‘Pearl’ as they call them. This could a hotel, a bar, an attraction, a shop, a park – anything that would interest a traveller visiting a destination. Then you can ‘Save’ that Pearl to a ‘Guide’ that you create. The guide could be on any subject you like, and you can group your Pearls in whatever way suits you.

Writing a little review or note on each Pearl is optional, and doing it will help to make the community better. Help others so they’ll help you. Take a look at my Pearl comments above if you’re unsure of what to write.

Once you’ve collated a few of your favourite Pearls together you can start to share your guide on social to help people who are planning a trip to that destination.

It’s a great way to share your travel knowledge, help other people and to research for your upcoming trips too.

Follow me on Pearlshareand download Pearlshare for IOS here.

– This post is written in collaboration with Pearlshare

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