5 Best Cities to Visit if You Love Beer & Breweries

If you’re a beer lover, nothing beats the thought of visiting an amazing city where the brewing culture is alive and well! There’s something magical about taking in unique sights as you sample the delicious offerings or enjoy a cold drink after a day’s tiresome exploration.

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And if this ever crossed your mind, you might have wondered which cities top the list for the best beer experiences? Read on to discover some of the best cities to visit if you love beer or fancy taking it directly from the source.

1. Dublin, Ireland 

The charming Irish capital of Dublin offers a delightful mix of beer, culture, and great nightlife for any visitor. With world-renowned breweries such as Guinness, Porterhouse, and Franciscan Well right at its doorstep, visitors get direct access to some of the most delicious beers available.

It’s home to a seemingly exploding craft brew scene, with microbreweries popping up all around the city. These are fairly easy to cite, whether you’re taking a road trip to Ireland or thinking of a luxurious vacation. Dublin offers an irresistible experience for all beer enthusiasts. If you visit, don’t forget to sample one of the tried and tested classics… Irish Stout!

2. Munich, Germany 

Munich has been home to some of the best beer producers in Europe since the 16th century, around the time when Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV issued a royal decree that allowed citizens to brew and sell their own beer.

Today, it remains a pilgrimage center for all lovers of beer culture. Its cozy Biergartens are brimming with the freshest local brews and its traditional beer halls are a must-visit for any tourist.

The city offers an impressive selection of lagers, Hefeweizens, Pilsners, and other specialty beers. It also hosts the legendary Oktoberfest tent celebration every year, with thousands of beer lovers from the world over gracing the event every calendar year.

3. Portland, Oregon, USA 

If you’re looking for a beer paradise on the opposite side of the globe, Portland cannot be beaten. It is home to more breweries and brewpubs than any other city in America – more than 100 at the very least! Every day brings new flavours for visitors to sample and enjoy: from tried and true hops, to inventive farmhouse ales and barrel-aged stouts.

The city’s craft beer culture is truly world-renowned, and with its abundance of charming downtown pubs, it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re visiting for the day or here for a few weeks, you’ll never run out of new beers to taste!

4. Cape Town, South Africa 

While it may not have as large a brewing scene as Europe or the United States, this South African city’s offerings shouldn’t be overlooked. It has some of the most vibrant craft beer establishments in all of Africa, with many top-of-the-notch local brewers producing delicious ales and stouts.

Adventure-seekers can take part in beer tastings and brewery tours, while foodies could sample some fantastic local cuisine to pair with these craft beers. There’s something special about sampling a unique brew in the shadow of the irresistible Table Mountain or along the rugged coastline, so make sure to add Cape Town to your bucket list of cities to visit!

5. Bangkok, Thailand 

Further afield from the western world is Bangkok, the vibrant Thai capital filled with incredible sights and flavors to enjoy. And don’t forget about the beer! The beer scene in Bangkok has really come of age in recent years, with craft beers that can match major international brewers.

There’s something special here for everyone — whether you’re into rich, dark ales or refreshing pale lagers. Plus, Bangkok offers new and exciting pub crawls for those seeking an alternative nightlife experience.

Inspired to Start Your Own Brewery? Follow These Tips 

So you’ve visited some of the world’s great beer cities and now you’re inspired to start your own brewery. Setting up a brewing operation isn’t easy work. But with enough research and knowledge of the local market, what you need to get started, creative branding strategies, and brewery management software as seen on Ollie’s platform, it can be an achievable goal in no time!

Cost concerns shouldn’t deter you, either. Distributing your homemade beer, for instance, can be done affordably through independents and taprooms. Dedication to making quality brews can see you beat the competition and set your brewery up for many years of success!

Beer is a unique beverage that not only helps make travel merrier but also creates opportunities to socialize, learn about different cultures – and even gain business insights. If you love beer and are wondering where to go next, the above few cities are totally worth a visit.

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