There are a few places in the world that I just feel would be better experienced via a cruise.

Cruising along on a luxury liner and watching fjords, icebergs and sandy coastlines from your private balcony must just be one of the most incredible sights and feelings in the world. There’s a certain kind of access you get via a cruise, that you just can’t replicate travelling on land, mainly gliding along the coastline and watching as it comes closer and closer as you come into port.

Fred Olsen Cruises asked me to taken a look at their cruise offerings and see what I thought. I decided to pick out the top 5 experiences I think would be better on a cruise, rather than travelling on land, or in the sky. Here goes…

– Post in collaboration with Fred. Olsen Cruises

The 5 Cruises I’d Love to Go On, One Day

1. Fjords of Norway

I’d love to do the scenic fjords and waterfalls of Norway tour. To see the dramatic fjords of Norway from the ship would be stunning. You also get to see glaciers, lakes and some of the top waterfalls in the world. I’ve been to Norway twice now but I think it’s one of the most scenery rich countries and I’d love to see more of the dramatic landscapes. Watching them unfold from a cruise liner would be ideal.

2. Icebergs of Alaska

Alaska fascinates me. I’d love to see those huge icebergs and polar bears for myself one day. I’ve just been reading about the Aleutian Islands that separate the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean and have decided that’s where I want to go. The Aleutian archipelago has 69 islands – complete with glaciers, rising steam, volcanos, flora, fauna and abundant wildlife. I want to see those puffins, sea lions and seals for myself.

3. French Polynesia

Pulling up at a new beach every day around the islands of French Polynesia sounds kind of ideal to me! I’d love to go snorkelling in the waters around Tahiti and Bora Bora. And then finish the day off with a few rums on the beach while swinging in a hammock, knowing that tomorrow will be more of the same. Yes please.

4. Penguins and wildlife of Antarctica

Ok, so Fred Olsen don’t actually cruise to Antarctica, you can only go to the nearby Falkland Islands, and the southest of South America, but I really feel like I can’t write about the destinations I’d love to cruise to without including a mention of Antarctica. I mean that’s the ultimate right?

Visiting Antarctica usually features on the average travel lover’s bucket list, but unfortunately with the price and all it’s usually one of the hardest to tick off. It’s one of the least visited places to go but the huge icebergs, the penguins and the feeling that you’re the only one out there must be so hard to beat. It’s definitely on my travel wishlist.

5. Amazon

The Amazon River Adventure takes you through the tropical jungles and rainforests of the Amazon, aboard the Braemar. It’s a 14-night cruise promising endemic pink dolphins, jungle treks, Caiman spotting in the forest and the chance to spend a night in a stilted lodge in the rainforest. You also get to explore Anavilhanas National Park, UNESCO-listed archipelago with 400 lush green islands.

And then you casually glide along to a few islands in the Caribbean. Sounds incredible!

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