7 Essentials for Any Holiday Abroad

Going abroad for the first time can be a daunting experience. There’s a lot to consider and if you’re planning it for other people the onus is on you to get it right – scary stuff. With any holiday there’s a long list of things to do before you leave, but sort these 7 essentials for any holiday abroad sorted and at least you’ll get there, god only knows what’ll find its way into your suitcase though…


Always search the internet for any sort of travel codes before you start your search for your flight – you can save at least a few quid. Look out for sales and special offers from fight companies and sign up to mailing lists to be the first to hear about upcoming deals. Make sure you compare at least five sites and airlines before you commit.

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Book with websites like Hotelopia and you’ll be able to find the best deal quickly and easily. Keep an open mind when it comes to accommodation as if you go for a cheaper hotel on the outskirts of town you can have all the more money to spend on the fun stuff like food, and drink. And you’ll get to see another side of the city by staying in the suburbs.


You can save money by booking things like National Express vouchers or train tickets in advance. Some sites offer bigger savings the further away from the date you want to travel you book. Compare coaches, buses and rental car prices to find the best deal for your needs.


Think carefully about who you can actually travel with. You don’t want to be stuck half way across the world and on a trip of a lifetime with a moaning Minnie. Sometimes your best friends can make the worst travelling buddies, so choose carefully. Don’t feel pressured into booking if you haven’t thought through exactly what kid of holiday you want first, and don’t be that moaning Minnie if you’re going away with others.

Possibly the brownest I've ever been?


It’s a horrible feeling being on holiday and not having enough money to enjoy yourself, like when I went to Interlaken totally skint. You want to be free to spend what you want how you want so make sure you save up beforehand. Get your currency changed before you go and shop around for the best exchange rates. I usually find the Post Office is your best bet.

Make sure you take another card with you in case your main card isn’t accepted or gets stuck in a machine and you have no way of accessing your money. Better safe than sorry. Keep a spare little stash of currency in your sock in your suitcase too so if you do lose your money for whatever reason, you still have access to some cash for spends.


There’s a great art to packing and it’s something that I still haven’t perfected unfortunately. You need to decide whether a suitcase or a backpack is best for your trip and then pack accordingly. I prefer to roll everything up rather than fold – it’s a much more efficient way of keeping the creases out  and of fitting more in the bag.

Things to do

Take a look at the things to do in your destination before you arrive. It helps to have a good knowledge of where you’re visiting to be able to refine your itinerary and to make the most of your travels. A guidebook can make for excellent reading on the plane on the way over and I always find that having more of a background on your destination makes you appreciate it all the more.

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