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Testimonials for VickyFlipFlop


Glastonbury experience

Here are just a few of the comments I’ve received from clients I’ve worked with, and most importantly, readers…

Past work –

“Vicky has been a huge source of inspiration to me over the years. I first worked for her when she was in charge of content and social media at, where she taught me an enormous amount and was an all round amazing manager. After she’d left to focus full time on her incredible travel blog and business, Vicky Flip Flop, she continued to write for as a freelancer, and her articles are some of the highest viewed on the entire site. This is down to her uncanny ability to sense a good story and what will resonate with audiences, and her super engaging writing style.”

– Will Jones, new Content and Social Media Manager at and copywriter at


PR collaborations

I worked with Karen to promote St James Club Resorts in St Lucia in 2015 and Antigua in 2017. We also worked together to promote Olympic Holidays in the Sporades Islands in Greece in 2017. We have plans to work together in 2018 too.

“Working with Vicky is a pleasure. She knows her readers, she knows herself and her writing and knowledge are on the money. She not only knows how to work with brands, but is incredibly adept at guiding her chosen partners in a way that they achieve the very best, and tailored, results for their objectives. She is generous with her experience, and often helps brands help themselves by plotting out scenarios that she already knows work well for her, her readers and her collaborators. Brilliant”

– Karen Tippett,

Blog Collaborations

I worked with Blog Authentic as an advisor on their Million Eyez campaign. They have a strict process to go through to ensure they only work with tried and tested bloggers.

“Vicky had a perfect score from her past client verifications and each one said wonderful things about her. We’re so happy to have her involved with Blog Authentic – it’s hard working bloggers like her this company is here to support.”
– Kirby Costa Campos, Blog Authentic


If you’d like to talk more about working together,
just email me at [email protected]