I know I’m ‘one to talk’ but I firmly believe that you don’t have to go too far away to have an adventure. In fact, some of my most favourite ones I’ve had this year have been pretty local.

Seeing a new city, visiting somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, or finally catching up with an old friend a train journey away are all ways you could be more adventurous this summer.

What’s stopping you?

– Post in collaboration with Great Western Railways / Pic from Wikimedia Common

WIN 2 x First Class Rail Tickets!

Great Western Railways (GWR) want people to start showing off how beautiful the South West, London and South Wales is. Take a pic in any of these places and upload them using the hashtag #GWRAdventures with the photo’s location. All qualifying photos will be entered into the interactive gallery on gwr.com/adventures.

And then one person a week will win a pair First Class train tickets!

And, even better news, I’m the judge for week 2!

So ENTER your cool pics of the South of England NOW to

The time?

Obviously I don’t know your personal circumstances but if it’s time, then travelling by train makes a lot of sense. While you’re on the train you can catch up with the news / watch a film / chat with a friend / read to your child / stare out the window, and the time isn’t ‘wasted’ in travelling.

The money?

*WIN 2 x First Class rail tickets to anywhere on the GWR line*
– see above ^

GWR have got your back – this summer they’re offering cheaper rail travel with their summer sale from 26th June to 19th July, meaning you can get cheaper travel between 12th July to 10th September.

And of course, there’s the competition to enter to make it totally freeee.

The inclination?

I’m proud to say I’m definitely an adventurous person, basically up for anything and whatever challenge is set for me. If that’s not you though, no worries, why not take a mini adventure?

You could take the train and go to the next town along, or even, throw caution to the wind and go five stops along. Make the most of the fact you don’t have to drive or worry about parking and treat yourself to a few Pimm’s in the sun while taking a few snaps of whatever sparks your interest.

The GWR route can take you right to the centre of some of the most photogenic locations in the UK, such as Cornwall, Devon, the Cotswolds, Bath, Cardiff, Bristol and Reading.

Where to go?

day on the isle of wight

– Have you ever been to Portsmouth? My new home? 

In the last few months I’ve been exploring more of England, and loving it. Who knew we had such sandy beaches? So many cool coffee shops and bars? And the weather has been beautiful lately, well, down on the South Coast anyway.

I’ve been to the Isle of Wight, Cambridge, Eastbourne and a road trip to Devon, as well as plenty of adventures in my new home county of Hampshire too. I’ve been amazed at how beautiful the scenery has been, how many cool places there are to discover and how much I’ve wanted to go back to each place.

If I won the tickets (obvs judges can’t), I’d go to Cardiff. Still never been and I’ve wanted to go ever since I loved Charlotte Church as a teenager. Serious. Also sounds like a cool city and Wales is kind of intriguing to me.

So ENTER your best pics of the South of England NOW to win 2 x First Class Rail Tickets to anywhere on the network.

Remember: There are four chances to win, from 12th June to 9th July, and I’m judging in week 3.

Where would you go if you won?

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