I had such a fun 24 hours in Paris with Monica from The Travel Hack to celebrate her #24hrmillionaire ‘win’.

On every Wednesday in May there’s an extra chance to become a millionaire with Lotto as they’ve added an additional £1m prize on on top of the usual jackpot. To celebrate they gave Monica the equivalent of a day’s winnings (£2.7k, if spread over a year) to blitz in whatever way she wanted.

Us at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

And she wanted to take me to Paris, on her community’s recommendation, to eat, drink, shop, see the Eiffel Tower in style and scoff macaroons.

24 hours in Paris

We went on the Eurostar and the millionaire feelings began with the crazy, expensive bottle of champagne on the train. Then we were picked up by a chauffeur and driven across Paris to our plush airbnb apartment complete with a balcony view of the Eiffel Tower.

(Of course £2.7k is lot, but not enough for a real Ferrari, so a ride on this would have to do Millionaire Monica)

Monica in a ferrari

That evening Monica decided she wanted to treat me and herself to a 5-course meal at Le Dame du Pic, and of course we had Laurent Perrier Champagne alongside for the full millionaire effect. Cocktails at the opulent Le Meurice Hotel finished the night off nicely, surrounded by French rappers (DJ Swagg Man) and models, before we drove home to pretty much pass out from food and excitement.

Day 2

Mon choosing lipstick

Now we were 13 hours into the adventure and it was time for breakfast at the Plaza Athenee. I was super excited as its where Carrie first stays on Sex and the City when she moves to Paris with Aleksander Petrovsky. The breakfast room and the spread on the table was incredible, we even had an individual croissant menu!

Breakfast at the Plaza Athenee

Next up it was the Champs Élysées and time for Mon to hit the shops. I’ll let her tell you more about that one, and everything she bought, but it ended with the Instagram worthy macaroons in Ladurée. I’m sure I’ve tried macaroons before, but they didn’t taste like this…

Macaroons at Lauderee

The afternoon was an overexcited blur of a horse and carriage round the Eiffel Tower, sea bass lunch at Cafe Malay near the Louvre and a walk along the Seine to pick up some presents for Monica’s followers. All of a sudden #24hrmillionaire was trending on Twitter and everyone wanted us to bring them a souvenir.

Oh and there was a visit to the love lock bridge in there somewhere too.

More shopping at Galeries Lafayette followed – one of the biggest and oldest shopping arcades in Paris. Mon bought me some Ray Bans, what a generous friend hey?!

Willy Wonka at the Gare du Nord

We used the rest of the money to hand out luxury Parisian chocolates to very confused randoms at the Eurostar Station before finally training it back to London.

That was one crazy expensive 24 hours in Paris. Definitely not one I’ll forget in a hurry!

I just hope I win the lottery some day so I can treat a friend to the same.

What would you spend the money on?

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