Got up early, well 9am, for our departure by ferry from Ancona. I’m really sad to leave Venice but I know I’ll definitely be going back one day. There’s so much more still to see. The suitcase wheel is wrecked so I had to carry the 20kg bag to the train station. Not as hard as I thought, and we even had to run for the bus. I may have looked like an old granny stooped and hobbling along, but I made it.

We found some cheaper train tickets to Ancona, think we’ve really mastered the Italy ticketing system now. But as today is our last in this beautiful and amazingly diverse country this is of little use now. We’ve been to Genoa, Pisa, Florence, Brindisi, Ceglie, Lecce, Napoli, Rome and Venice over the past five weeks. It’s definitely been an adventure and after the ferry tonight we’ll be on to our next one.

After an unadventurous train ride, apart from being kicked out of first class and told we’d have to pay if we did it again, we managed to find our way to the ferry. Inside there are plush red sofas and loads of space, it’s warm and cosy and I have a whole three-person sofa to lie out on. It takes nine hours to cross the sea to port in Zadar, Croatia. Apart from the TVs blaring out it’s actually quite luxurious.

Ferry crossing Italy to Croatia

Meeting up With Friends in Zadar
Beautiful, Incredible Venice