April Update: Errrr, Where Did That Month Go?

My vow to slow down my travels hasn’t gone particularly well this month. I went to Amsterdam with Cailin for a big YouTube conference to start – VidCon – and then I had a great little road trip to the Jurassic Coast in the UK with my non blogger bezza, Chloe. Didn’t love Amsterdam though, have to admit. Too many bikes and so blummin expensive. Didn’t help that it was freezing either, which I totally hadn’t packed for. Yeah, not my favourite European city, but that’s fine. Can’t love them all.

– Me looking dramatic at the Rijiksmuseum 

The rest of the time I’ve been up and down the country from Brighton to Winchester to Cambridge and to London too many times to count. Still loving my Southsea home. My friends are starting to question whether I work for the tourist board as I keep bigging it up so much. I don’t, I just think it’s brilliant and has everything you could possibly need in life.

My April Events

Trek America

Trek America parties are awesome. They hired out Ninth Ward in Farringdon, London, to celebrate and show off their new 360° video series. There were a lot of great bloggers there, many from other niches than travel. In fact, quite a few of my favourite lifestyle bloggers rocked up. And yet again I was disappointed at how different (and rude) they were in real life. One of them pointed in my face and was like ‘don’t know you’ when I tried to get involved with the group. Yeah, well I don’t know you anymore. UNSUBSCRIBED.

D’ya know who’s blummin lovely though? Victoria from inthefrow.com. I’m not surprised she’s so successful. Had a right nice chat with her.

And Trek America are awesome. Hopefully we’ll be working together some day soon!


April Travel Update

– Didn’t take many photos unfortunately, here’s me, Emily and Jayne loving life on the Thames booze cruise //
photo by girltweetsworld.com

Loved loved loved catching up with my travel blogger friends at the Traverse conference. There were parties and events all week and then the actual conference at the weekend. I went to one of those escape room things at Hint Hunt – great fun (didn’t make it out in time though). Went to play board games and drink a few beers at the new board game place EXP in Stratford and dropped in to the Lonely Planet Party too. That was all on the Wednesday.

The actual conference over the weekend was great. Met lots of awesome new bloggers, barely had the time to catch up with the old and picked up a few tips from the experts. I love going to these events – reminds me of what an awesome community I’m part of.

My highlights of the month

Mum and dad came to stay in Southsea – yay! We ate lots of cake and I got to show them all the cool little housey shops of Albert Road. We also had a huge paella that I’d like to eat again ASAP. I like having people come to see me – my friend Fiona came for the night too – cue beach cocktails and tapas all the way.

Really enjoyed getting to see more of England this month. Now I realise I didn’t take nearly enough photos along the way.

And also, finally, just getting to catch up with some many of my excellent travel blogger friends at Traverse. We’re just one big happy family, kinda.

Watch my YouTube videos!

At the start of the month I promised myself I’d make a video a week. Turns out I only managed half that, but that’s ok.

Jurassic Coast Road Trip

The Vauxhall road trip one took me ages to put together – really need to get quicker.

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My Primark haul

I’ve had a lot of people taking the mick for my little Primark haul. It was fun to make though so I don’t really care. Looking forward to sporting the metallic look in Antigua!

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What else have I been doing?

Exploring in Studland

I feel like this month has been so busy, although, now I write this up it doesn’t seem to sound nearly as hectic as the others. If I wasn’t going to Antigua I’d take a day off to lie on the sofa and watch TV, but I am, so must keep pushing on. #toughlife

I’m working on a lot of campaigns for clients which will come out next month. I’ve also been in and out of London, trying to meet up with friends whenever I can, and attempting to get back into some sort of gym routine. This month has been pretty random so I haven’t slept well worrying about the next day and what I need to do and have ready.

All my little travels round England take time. Need to get to the Caribbean and chill!


Oh, I have had time for a little something I’ve been meaning to do for ages: I’m reading the Harry Potter series. Only made it up to book 4 before. I’m going all out and can already sense myself getting a little obsessed. Might just need to go back to the Harry Potter Studios once I’m done…

Plans for next month: May

Christmas presents for bloggers

As much as I love Southsea I am very much looking forward to leaving next Tuesday – and flying off to Antigua in the Caribbean. I’m going for a zen week, alongside some Sailing Week fun.

Then in the middle of the month I’m doing a little day trip to the Isle of Wight, which is just a few miles from home – but over the water. When I go to the gym I can see the Isle of Wight from the window, but apart from the two times I’ve been to Bestival I haven’t actually been over yet. We’re going for a little tour and some fancy food before coming back on the ferry.

Following that I’ll be off to Southampton for an overnight stay to see what the city has to offer with a few blogger friends, hopefully, fingers crossed, staying at The Pig in the Wall. Really like The Pig restaurants. If you watch my video from my Mokka X Trip along the Jurassic Coast (above) you can see two of them.

Aaand then I’m going back to the airport to catch my flight to Skiathos to go on another zen chill trip with Jayne, but this time with Olympic Holidays island hopping in Greece. We’ll be visiting Skopelos, Alonissos and Skiathos with 2-3 days in each. Get to top up that tan from Antigua. I know. Spoilt.

Hope you’ve had a great month…

and let me know your summer plans. Love to hear what you’re up to!

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