If you want to see baboons, get yourself to Gambia. I started out the day pestering our guide as to how likely it was that we’d see any, and what were the signs to look for to tell if they’d been around. I ended it totally indifferent to the hundreds of baboons that were swarming around me in the Makasutu Forest and had taken over 100 photos on my camera.

They’re literally everywhere and if you’re staying at the nearby Mandina Lodges you need to make sure all your stuff is kept inside or in hand or the little blighters will rob it from under you. Fellow blogger Iain Mallory found this out when he visited Gambia to see the baboons a few months I did, and they took quite a shine to his DSLR camera.

Gambia baboons

Playing around with my iMovie settings I thought I’d make a little video to show off my new furry friends and the shaky footage I managed to get of them. Enjoy…

I was a guest of Gambia Experience but I have my own thoughts and feelings, like a real person.

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