The Beach House sound is ‘Dream Pop’. I didn’t know this before, but it fits, although ‘Dream Synth Pop’ would be better for me.

Beach House at Melkweg in Amsterdam was… hypnotic. I drifted off in the music, swaying to the beat and feeling mesmerised by the lights and that voice. I hadn’t been hanging out in the Amsterdam coffee shops all day though – I’d come to and realise that everyone around me was doing the same.

Victoria Legrand’s resonating voice and Alex Scally’s soothing strumming was inside us and without any ‘local help’, had drugged us.

Beach House at Melkweg
Even the light display sucked me in

I just had to Google the relationship between vocalist Victoria and guitarist Alex. I caught him a few times watching her adoringly. Turns out they’re just friends though. I also just found out he’d never played the guitar until they started Beach House. How do these people do that!?

When they’re in the studio there’s just the two of them covering the guitar, keyboard, vocals and drum machines, but on stage they had some help. Victoria on the Yamaha in a bright tie dyed shirt that I’m sure I had when I was 12, Alex on the guitar and an unknown guy was beating away on the drums and playing some crazy looking percussion instruments they’d drafted in.

If you don’t know Beach House I’d describe them as synth, operatic, a little bit pop. Or you could just watch this video and make up your own mind. (I’m bottom right corner near the stage, bobbing up and down.)

You should check out their new album Bloom. The follow up on Beach House, Devotion and Teen Dream – quite the repertoire I hope you’ll agree.

Victoria: “Bloom is a journey. For me, it is about the irreplaceable power of imagination as it relates to the intense experience of living. A bloom is only temporary …a fleeting vision of life in all of its intensity and color, beautiful even if only for a moment. “

Beach House in Amsterdam

Ooo, look at the pretty lights

Melkweg was amazingly small. The 700-capacity venue was a great place to watch bands and we easily made our way to the front with plenty of space for swaying. The sound was great, atmosphere friendly and there was even an art exhibition to look at beforehand. We also got free entry to the club night afterwards, but watching the excited 18 year olds as they filed in made us realise how tired we were.

Wine was €2.50 a glass, but Waiels made the mistake of ordering a whisky and coke at €9 a pop. Yikes. He then had a beer for €2.80.

Oh, and the support act Porcelain Raft were alright. Although I can’t remember any of their tunes/songs/words and I don’t feel the need to find out either.

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