My Bedroom, Fit For a Travel Blogger

I’ve got the coolest bedroom for a travel lover out there – it’s a bit like one of those you see on Pinterest. My parents surprised me with it over the summer at their new house. Thanks to the fact I don’t actually have my own place to live right now the shelves are stacking up with trinkets from my travels and all my wordly possessions are stuffed under the bed.

Sadly I’m not allowed to live in it permanently – don’t want to be one of those weirdos who lives with their parents too long – but for a weekend here and a holiday there I love burrowing down in that duvet and planning my next adventure on my pillow.

I love it!

cool bedroom for a traveller cool bedroom for a traveller cool bedroom for a traveller cool bedroom for a traveller

Travel blogger bedroomcool bedroom for a traveller

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    • by Vicky on December 26, 2014  3:38 pm Reply

      Ha, thanks Paula. My mum is grateful for your comment :)

    • by Vicky on December 28, 2014  5:08 pm Reply

      Ha, they like that description! It's from one of the boutique shops on eBay apparently. Love it!

  1. by Jayne on December 29, 2014  8:08 am Reply

    This is awesome! Your mum is a legend. Very jealous you can make travel plans on your pillow.

    • by Vicky on December 29, 2014  10:24 am Reply

      Haha, thanks, she is! One of them has Great Britain on and the other has Scandinavia – hoping to spend time in both next year :)

  2. by Leanne on January 2, 2015  12:36 pm Reply

    Oh my this is uttery gorgeous! x

  3. by Sheena on April 13, 2015  8:27 pm Reply

    This is such an epic surprise! Your parents are the best!

  4. by Hayley on April 13, 2015  8:47 pm Reply

    OMG! Your parents have the best taste! Love it!

    • by Vicky on April 18, 2015  3:45 am Reply

      Ha, thanks Hayley, they'll be pleased to know you think so :)

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  6. by Donna @OrdCyclingGirl on September 28, 2015  12:13 pm Reply

    Love it! That's very stylish indeed. I want the duvet cover! And I'm very impressed with your parents' taste!

    • by Vicky on September 29, 2015  11:43 am Reply

      Ha, I'll let mum know you said that, she'll be pleased :). I'm looking forward to getting back there and getting some good sleeps in over winter :)

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