Belgium Food and Drink Checklist

Belgium is a great European destination if you’re looking for a cheap weekend away from London. There are plenty of options for bargain holidays with great value flights and the option to get the Eurostar straight to Brussels for around £59. You can even take a day trip to Bruges or Antwerp when you get there for about £15 on the train.

Without a doubt though, one of the best things about a holiday in Belgium are the food and drink possibilities, in fact I don’t think you need to do much else while you’re there but eat and drink as much as possible.

Here’s a run down of the many traditional dishes you need to make your way through before you’re officially allowed to say you’ve ‘done’ Belgium.

√ Moules and frites

Just before we left Brussels I finally managed to fit some moules and frites in after I’d been eyeing them up all weekend. They were about £20, which was quite expensive for me, but I forewent a drink and I’d actually never seen so many mussels in my life. They arrived in a black pot with some tasty frites (more like pub chips) on the side. I went for the celery, onion and white wine soup to complement them, but there were a few more pricey options like creamy sauce, if you prefer. Best mussels I’ve ever had and I was stuffed by the end.

Belgium food and drink checklist

√ Belgian chocolates

Of course I had plenty of these, and even bought some home with me to share too. The chocolatier shops are everywhere. Top tip for you, find one with samples on offer and stuff yourself silly. Exactly what I did and it was an incredible 10 minutes.

√ Just frites

Manneken Frites in Belgium For around £1 you get a few scoops of frites wrapped in a cone of paper. They’re not like the chip shop chips from England – they’re smaller, and crispier. They are crazily popular in Belgium and you can find friteries all over the place. This popular one had a very strange sign…

The frites are served with a good choice of sauces – I do love a good condiment so I was happy – from mayonnaise to ketchup to Tartar to Bernaise. I went for the sauce Andalouse, a mayonnaise with tomato paste and peppers.

Food in Belgium

√ Waffles

I didn’t actually get round to trying one of these weaves of deliciousness on my first trip, but a fruity chocolatey one will be first on my list next time I visit Belgium. Belgian waffles are one of the main delicacies the country is world renowned for and this gives me an excellent reason to return asap.

√ Beer

Over 1000 beers are brewed in Belgium, that’s a lot to get through in a few days. When I visited I managed a measly three – a delicious pot luck beer outside the palace on the first night, the rank Jupiter lager at Dour Festival and then an incredible rose Hoegaarden in Bruges. I downed a good few glasses of that delicious elixir.

Drinking in Bruges

When they serve you beer in Belgium they tell you the alcohol per cent and it comes in the equivalent of half pints – much more civilised. Don’t leave Brussels without sampling a few of the locals brews.

So 10 pounds heavier on your bum and a few euro lighter in your wallet, and you my friend, have ‘done’ Belgium. Congrats!

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  1. by Kim on May 30, 2014  3:09 pm Reply

    Hey Vicky! I love reading your posts in enjoyable silence but this time I really couldn't. I love that you love the food in Belgium. Next time when you go back and try our delicious waffles, go to Delirium café in Brussels. It's the bar with the most kinds of beers in the world: 3140 I think it was. This is one of the best bars in Belgium to drink a beer! Choose wisely because it's alot haha.

    ps. Stop by in Antwerp too! (it's more worth the visit haha). And if you do, eat the best fries of Belgium there!

    pps. I'm secretely a Belgian girl, did you notice?;)

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