Best Hotels Near Luton Airport

Luton Airport is one of the best and easiest airports to travel in and out of in England, in my opinion. It’s small and so easy to get in and out it barely feels like an airport. I’d much rather fly from here than Heathrow but the trouble is I don’t know anyone who lives nearby, so just recently I’ve had to spend two nights, separately, in hotels in Luton.

As part of my airport hotels series (I’m becoming quite the expert) I’m going to review them as I go, to help you decide the best ones to go for when you get in late or have to leave early.

I’m sure I’ll be spending more time in hotels at Luton in the future, but here are two for starters.

Hotel Ibis Luton Airport

Located just a ten-minute walk from the airport, or a few minutes on the bus, the Hotel Ibis is one of the closest to the terminal of all the Luton Airport Hotels. I stayed for one night in April 2015, from about 2pm to 7am the next day.

Luton Ibis Airport Hotel

In all Ibis hotels you’ll find a pillow menu, although I’m not quite pillow connoisseur enough to know what I want, or make the most of it. I’m not fussy, and enjoyed the one I was given, but it’s always nice to have the option.

I’ve only ever stayed at one other Ibis, for my friend’s hen party in Bristol, and it was the same layout, but bigger. Once you’re in the door the warm oaky colours lure your mind into peace and it’s easy to just chill out in the relaxing room. There was a TV, which I didn’t actually use, a desk and a huge window.

The bathroom was like a futuristic pod with a huge shower, with some good force behind it too.

First thing, connect to the Wi-Fi, obviously. Second thing, give mum and dad a call and sit and chat while admiring my view. Reception phoned to see if everything was ok, nice touch.


After a few hours of work and just relaxing in the comfortable hotel I decided to see what they were serving for dinner downstairs in the onsite restaurant. I kind of already knew what I wanted, since spying it on the menu in my room: fish and chips. I ran down the stairs rather than taking the lift to burn off some calories, I was going to need to start with some sort of deficit.

After seeing a few other dishes come out my original plan hadn’t faltered. When it arrived I skipped inside, scoffed the lot and then went off to bed full and happy.

Falling asleep was easy at the Luton Ibis, it was quiet, my bed was comfy, and I used the in room kettle to make myself a hot water to get even further in that relaxed mood.

Quick review

  • Wi-Fi: Excellent, no problem connecting and using at all.
  • Facilities: All you need – there’s a bar, a restaurant and a computer area. Whoever uses all those spa and fitness facilities in an airport hotel anyway?
  • Food: Delicious, and plenty of interesting choice.
  • Staff: Really friendly. I only really spoke to the check in lady and the waitress but both were lovely.

The Ibis was comfy, felt safe, was close to the airport and had everything you could need. I’d definitely recommend it, and would stay here again.

Rooms start from £59 per night. 

EasyHotel Luton

I booked a night at the EasyHotel in Luton because it was the cheapest available at £35. I’d stayed at an EasyHotel before, near Gatwick, and it was pretty far from my favourite hotel experience I have to say. I was prepared to give it another chance.

easyhotel in Luton

To get to the EasyHotel from Luton Airport you need to get a bus or a taxi. I’d planned on a bus, but it was 11pm, I couldn’t work out what time the next bus was coming, and after coming back from Israel it was blummin freezing. There was a whole queue of taxis lined up teasing me, so I went for it.

Oh my god my taxi driver was rude. Horrible man.

Anyway, the drive cost £14 and dropped me right outside. The abrupt guy on reception gave me my card key and sent me up to my room. Windowless, just like I’d booked to save those extra few pounds, and boiling. I was so tired I basically just stripped off, set my alarm and got in bed.

There was a tiny TV in the room, and apart from the double bed, that was it.

I woke up sweating but with no facility to change the temperature so just decided to shower and get out of the box room. The shower room was like the Ibis, a pod. It was fine. Nothing fancy but did the job.

I handed my key back and went to the cafe next door to use the Wi-Fi and wait for my train. It was 8am. And that was my night at the EasyHotel!

Quick review

  • Wi-Fi: You get 30 minutes free and then have to pay. It was about midnight by the time I got there so didn’t bother. I left early the next day to use the Wi-Fi at the (excellent) cafe next door for free, so I never actually tried it.
  • Facilities: Errm, none.
  • Food: There was a vending machine.
  • Staff: Ok, not going to win any kindness / politeness / friendliness awards anytime soon.

I wouldn’t stay at the EasyHotel again. It didn’t even end up being that much cheaper once you add on the taxi, my time taken to get there, and the coffee I had to buy next door. EasyHotel rooms are so claustrophobic, I can’t imagine what they’re like if there are two of you in there. No thanks!

They advertise rooms starting from £42 per night, but I paid £35.10 on 

Coming up next… Stockwood Hotel

Any tips for hotels near Luton Airport?

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  1. by Emily Ray on June 6, 2015  6:10 pm Reply

    Pillow menu?! I'm sold! But eurgh, I hate, hate, HATE EasyHotels. I stayed in one before an exam and it was the worst experience ever. I was so disorientated with the time because there was no window, so I kept waking up checking my clock to make sure I hadn't overslept!


    • by Vicky on June 7, 2015  4:34 pm Reply

      Yeah I think that's why I couldn't sleep properly – messed with my internal clock too much and I was paranoid I wouldn't wake up. Never again! (hopefully) :)

  2. by Leanne on June 9, 2015  8:16 am Reply

    I hated the EasyHotel at Luton but actually didn't mind the one at Heathrow at all. When you're only in it to sleep it does the job but I wouldn't want to stay in them any longer than that! x

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