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The Best Things to Do in Guatemala, from 12 Travel Bloggers

I’ve arrived in Guatemala! Woohoo! In preparation for my two weeks in Guatemala I had a look around to see what other travel bloggers would recommend to do. I don’t want to miss out on anything good. When I’m planning to visit a destination I’ll always look around to see what other travel bloggers say to do there, you know that they’ve been there and tried that and usually have a good story to show for it. I trust them.

And after seeing the photos below on Flickr, I can’t wait to get stuck in to a country I’m told by many travellers, is their ‘favourite’.

So, here goes the best things to do in Guatemala, by 10 travel bloggers.


Of course, I knew this picturesque city would be worth a go, but I didn’t know what there was to do there.

Kate and Will (baby called George?) from say that Antigua was:

“the most picturesque town they visited in the whole of Central America”

According to them I will enjoy the volcanoes, amazing buildings, plenty of cafes, and restaurants and bars too. Sounds perfect for me. Although I must remember I’m trying to be vegan.

Best things to do in Guatemala

Nina, from says that if you’re in Antigua you should take a trip out to the La Azotea coffee farm. There’s a museum full of traditional Guatemalan artefacts and you’ll learn how to make real and delicious coffee. I’m excited to try some of the world’s most renowned coffee in Guatemala, sure it will blow my socks off after a week coffee free.

Life in Guatemala

Marina reveals an interesting and unique NGO on You can go to the Kids Restaurant and every Friday the kids will cook, serve and hang out with you in return for the English skills. All the money made goes to help children born with cleft palates.

Pacaya Volcano Hike

Of all the 36 volcanoes in Guatemala, apparently the Pacaya Volcano is the most impressive. Karilyn takes us through what to expect when you climb the Pacaya Volcano Hike, and roast marshmallows on the top. Sounds pretty cool hey?

Click through for everything you need to know about taking an overnight hike there.

Lake Atitlan

I’ve read quite a bit about Lake Atitlan now, and heard good things from friends I made in Oaxaca and at The Sanctuary Health Retreat. I know that people visit for the beauty of the volcanic lake, the kayaking, the monkeys at Atitlan Nature Reserve, and climbing the San Pedro Volcano. I’m also tempted by the paragliding, we’ll see.

Best of Guatemala by travel bloggers

Michael and Randi from say that Lake Atitlan is referred to as “Eden on Earth”. Their description of the lake has definitely got me excited. They’ve also got plenty of inspiration for where to go and what to do at meal times. Sounds delicious, and cheap!

They also recommend to check out the local Mayan pueblos to see the traditional cultures in action.

Best of Guatemala by travel bloggers

After my hippy retreat in Puerto Escondido I’m really excited to check out San Marcos. It’s the hippy side of the lake, according to Melissa from Life is Wanderful, so I might be able to carry on these vegan / yoga habits I hope I’ve formed.

Tikal / Flores

One of the most popular things to do in Guatemala is to visit Tikal, I already knew this but it’s backed up by who says the trekking to Tikal is ‘not to be missed’. I think photos like this explain why this is an absolute definite must.

Best of Guatemala by travel bloggers
Best of Guatemala by travel bloggers

Semuc Champey

This looks amazing! Shannon from went on a full day tour to explore Semuc Champey and the surrounding caves, by candlelight. I’m definitely going to stay at Zephyr and make the most of this little trip!

Bloggers on Guatemala
Bloggers on Guatemala


Travel bloggers on guatemala

Guatemala is a very volcanic country, they’re everywhere! During my two weeks in Guatemala I’m definitely going to try and take a hike up one of these beauts.

Again, recommends the Pacaya Volcano, and he says you can even roast marshmallows at the top.

Rio Dulce

Travel Bloggers on Guatemala

Gareth from arrived at the Rio Dulce by boat – sounds awesome. He’s got some amazing photos of Rio Dulce on the blog, and the hot springs and lagoons along the route. It will be a bit out of my way for the trip but I feel like it would be worth it, just to see it, and to be able to boat it out to Livingston.

Livingston and Playa Blanca

You have to go via Rio Dulce to get to Livingston as you need to get a boat. This is what my research tells me anyway.

Livingston in Guatemala

I found an interesting story about a raccoon from Luke on He was attacked, twice. Definitely staying away from those wee beasties.

Sounds like Rob and Carley had a great time in Livingston, learning about the Garifuna culture and hiking and swimming. Really makes me want to go, but I’m just a bit worried it’s a little out of my time remit. Just have to see what happens!

Go on the Chicken Bus

Travel bloggers on guatemala

I heard of this bus a while back, when I worked at HostelBookers in fact. I was confused and still am. So the only way to overcome the confusion is to go for it and get on one. They look cool!

Thanks to touncertaintyandbeyonddawilson, gramz, dongatosnowcat, gameoflight, karlbert and davekent for the Creative Commons photos. 

So here starts my two weeks in Guatemala, well excited!

Got any more suggestions for me?

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