We arrived in Zadar at 7am yesterday with no clue where to go. After ringing the lady from the apartments she came to pick us up near the police training academy by the ferry. She was a wonderful woman, really keen to make her new flats work and to share with us her passion for the area. She lived nearby, in Bibinje, and the new flats were her and her extended family’s project. They all hung around but it was nice, it really felt like another workaway project to us as she introduced us to everyone. The flat was amazing, just what we wanted. We had a brilliant bathroom and little kitchen, and literally in the back garden was the sea. You could just go down the drive, down some steps and you were there. Fantastic. So we settled there nicely. We went to the shops and bought some supplies for the two days, including a litre bottle of Jager for around £10, some Vic Sticks for my dad and plenty of munch.

We’ve had two days here now and Bibinje is a quiet but beautiful place, apparently they’re moving the port there soon so everyone is keen to get in on the tourism and property boom the place will experience. Everyone seems to be in the process of building. We spent the two days swimming, playing in the sea and reading. I read Angela’s Ashes and decided Frank McCourt is one of my new heroes. We cooked some great meals and just had a thoroughly lovely and relaxing time.

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Ancona to Zadar by Ferry