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Last month I started a new job, as Blogosphere Magazine’s Travel Editor. In this new role I get to choose five of my favourite travel bloggers every month to feature in the magazine.

It’s a good opportunity for me to give a shout out to my current favourite travel bloggers, and all the hard work and dedication they give to their blog and work. I know how hard it is to keep these things going, and to stick with it when there are so many other distractions.

If you haven’t heard of Blogosphere Magazine, and you like blogging and blogs, you’re honestly missing out. You can buy the bi-monthly mag from WHSmith, or online here, and be introduced to a whole world of awesome bloggers in every niche, from craft to food to fashion, and a whole lot of callings in between.

The next edition will be out very soon, but for now, let’s look at my favourite travel bloggers from Issue 10, the one with Victoria from inthefrow.com on the front.

1. Candice Walsh | freecandie.com

my top 5 travel bloggers

I love Candice’s writing. She just has this skill at being able to bring you into the moment. I’d describe her approach as breezy and uncomplicated, and that’s a compliment. Every word is needed and she knows how to tell a story. She’s living in Berlin at the moment, although she’s getting ready for her next adventure. I watched her Snapchat when she was walking the Camino de Santiago and decided there was no way I was cut out for walking 730km across Spain. Candice was though!


2. Lucy Ruthnum | absolutelylucy.com

my top 5 travel bloggers

Lucy just sounded like she was having the best time in her 18 months in Australia, and now she’s back, she’s booked to go again. Follow her blog and expect to see photos of her tanned and happy on the beaches, to read tales of friendship and love on the road and to enjoy the insightful reflection on the life she had in England before. And she also writes about festivals, which makes her awesome in my world.


3. Jayne Morris | girltweetsworld.com

my top 5 travel bloggers

Jayne was one of my main inspirations when I first started blogging – since then she’s become a brilliant friend in IRL. She’s just married her love, who she met on Twitter, in a beautiful ceremony in Thailand. She’s currently living in Sydney with her man and has lots of advice for anyone thinking of moving to Oz. Personally, I follow her for the foodie photos, insightful blogging advice and beautiful photos from her years of travelling the world. And her witty banter, of course.


4. Emily Ray | thecosytraveller.co.uk

my top 5 travel bloggers

Emily is such a lovely person online and in real life. Her blog is a haven for cat lovers and tea drinkers – it’s a calming place to be. She’s recently lost 29 pounds and is feeling all the more energetic and confident for it. Emily has a full time job but definitely manages to fit some good weekend travel into her life, and makes the most of her holiday time too. She’s also partial to an afternoon tea.


5. Kara Caradas | heelsinmybackpack.com 

my top 5 travel bloggers

Kara is a fun person to follow on social media and the blog. We were on a press trip in Spain together a few years ago and I enjoy her sense of humour both off and online.  She likes food and festivals, just like me, although she seems to do it all a little more stylishly than I. Proud owner of a fashion degree and the blog tagline ‘backpacking for the most fabulous of adventurers’ you know she’ll be the one to bring the straighteners on the trip.



Do you have any favourite travel bloggers
you think I should check out?

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  1. by Steve Biggs on October 19, 2016  10:09 am Reply

    Hey FlipFlop - congratulations! :) You certainly know enough travel bloggers to know what's out there? Going to Mingle? Hope so - see you there if you are

    • by Vicky on November 2, 2016  5:04 pm Reply

      Hey Steve,


      Yep, but there are so many more to discover. I feel overwhelmed at the amount that are popping up around the world, although it’s great, obviously ☺. I hope your blog is going well. Yep, I’ll be at Mingle, see you there!

  2. by Rob on October 19, 2016  10:12 am Reply

    Hey Vicky,

    Just received your newsletter, congratulations on the new job. And thank you for introducing me to Blogsphere, I've honestly never heard of it and being an oldie I like physical magazines. Let's hope they start looking at the accessible tourism niche ;-)

    Best Regards

    • by Vicky on November 2, 2016  5:04 pm Reply

      Hey Rob, thank you! Glad you like the magazine. There’s definitely space for it in the magazine world – much needed! I agree, I like actual paper to flick through when I’m looking for travel, blog and life inspiration too. Happy that I could introduce you to it ☺.

  3. by Joe Dodgshun on October 21, 2016  3:25 pm Reply

    You've probably already been following her for yonks, but I love Jodi Ettenberg's writing, adventures, foodie tips etc.... Here's the link just in case:


    • by Vicky on November 2, 2016  4:58 pm Reply

      Ah yes, good recommendation! I know Jodi, met her in Spain at a conference. She’s great!

  4. by Rebecca on October 22, 2016  5:22 pm Reply

    Congrats on the new gig!

    • by Vicky on November 2, 2016  4:58 pm Reply

      Thanks Rebecca! I love the magazine so it’s an honour to be involved ☺

  5. by Candice Walsh on October 27, 2016  9:51 pm Reply

    Thanks so much, Vicky! Seriously honoured by your kind words. I got a copy of the magazine in the mail and I haven't had a chance to read it yet. But YAY!

    • by Vicky on November 2, 2016  4:53 pm Reply

      No worries Candice – loving your work! I hope you enjoy it :)

  6. by Elle Croft on October 28, 2016  1:02 pm Reply

    Oooh check you out! Congrats on the new role - and great choices!

    • by Vicky on November 2, 2016  4:52 pm Reply

      Hey Elle,

      Thanks ☺. So many great bloggers to choose from out there. Love your blog too ☺


  7. by Elly Keast on December 9, 2016  9:13 am Reply

    Really helpful post! I'm new to travel blogging and this post has allowed me to find and follow some fab new blogs ??!

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