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What Kind of Bodysuit Should You Take on Holiday?

If you’ve not already got a bodysuit on your packing checklist, then it’s about time you added it on! Bodysuits are great pieces to take away with you, for numerous different reasons. They’re comfortable, easily styled, make your body look great, and come in loads of different options.

What’s more, they’re super easy to fit into your luggage, so you don’t have to worry about running out of room. Pretty ideal – but what kind of bodysuit should you take on holiday?

We’re going to explore some of the different styles for you to consider below. Of course, every holiday will be different, but hopefully, this list gives you all the help you need to choose the perfect bodysuit for your next trip.

All in one everyday style

If you get an all in one bodysuit with shorts, or even a catsuit style with leggings incorporated, then you can easily throw this on and walk out the door without much thought. This is great for when you’re on holiday and are in a rush to see the local area.

It’s also ideal for when you’re traveling as they are so comfortable and you’ll still look great. Then if you get too cold on the plane you can simply add a sweater or a jacket to your look. Easy!

The SKIMS bodysuit collection, for instance, has plenty of different styles like this. Everyday bodysuits can go underneath your outfit or can be part of the look – it just depends on what you prefer. They’re great for wearing throughout the day though as they give your body support where it needs it, with flattering stretchy material.


Everybody should whip out a show stopping outfit once in a while – that’s part of the fun of being on holiday, often you can give yourself the luxury of time to spend how you want. So, you can take a little longer getting ready, and get dressed up with your favourite style of bodysuit. This could be a strappy camisole, a sexy backless number, or even long sleeved if you’d rather have your arms covered. There are loads of different materials for you to choose from too, whether you’re wanting a luxury faux leather look, mesh body hugger, or a lacy style, you can decide what you prefer best. Or, perhaps even take a couple of different options away with you.


If you’re going on holiday to get a bit of relaxation time in, then there’s also a bodysuit for this too!

Super comfy, you can get yourself full length loungewear onesies that hug your body nicely. Perfect for wearing to relax after a long day of sightseeing. If you’d rather, you can go for the shorts style instead too. The beauty of these bodysuits is that you can wear them indoors and out, so if you need to pop down to the lobby for something, then you won’t need to change out of your comfy-wear. This will also give your body welcome support where you need it, without digging into you like a bra might. 


While most bodysuits will give you a beautiful silhouette, some will do a better job than others. There are many bodysuits out there that are classified as shapewear, meaning they will hug your curves and give you a more defined silhouette.

This is perfect for anyone who might be feeling self-conscious or simply for those who want to look even better than usual on all their holiday snaps. Don’t forget, shapewear shouldn’t be uncomfortable. The days of bodysuits pinching and pulling are over – women no longer have to suffer to achieve the appearance of their dreams. Even shapewear bodysuits are made with comfort in mind, supporting and shaping instead of constricting.

Sporty bodysuits

Are you planning to take part in some sports on holiday? Whether you’re hiking, kayaking or playing volleyball on the beach, a sporty bodysuit could serve you well. These types of bodysuits will be made from sweat-wicking fabrics that help you stay comfortable and dry. They may also help you dry off more easily if you’re going to be dipping in and out of the sea but don’t have your swimsuit. On the other end of the spectrum, thermal sports bodysuits will be well-suited to those going on winter getaways. Whether you’re skiing or simply want to add another layer between you and the cold winds outside, thermal bodysuits can trap heat and keep you feeling toasty all day long when layered with jumpers.

So, what do you think?

Why not take a few different bodysuit styles away with you?

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear them and they won’t take up any space in your suitcase! Don’t forget to try out your bodysuits before taking them on holiday to be sure they’re the perfect fit.