I managed about five courses before I had to admit defeat. There was smoked salmon on rye, herrings wrapped round gherkins, a few wursts (…when in Rome), a Nutella-saturated croissant and a boiled egg with self made soldiers.

Breakfast at Park Inn Alexanderplatz

I might have also had some birscher muesli with fruits to top it off.

How do you even make that stuff?

I’ve only recently discovered it and so to see it on the menu, when I’d had enough, was just far too tempting.

Fruit juices at breakfast

Oh yeah, I remember the mackerel now too.

Breakfast in Berlin

Oh and the honey – there was four different types so of course over the three days I was staying there I had to taste test my way through all four. I’d never tried so many honeys in one setting and I think I finally found what I was looking for (any 90s pop kids will understand that one) in the Sunflower one, which is now my favourite honey, if anyone ever asks.

Breakfast at Park Inn Alexanderplatz

The hotel

Breakfast at Park Inn Alexanderplatz

You can stay at the Park Inn in Alexanderplatz from €50, the breakfast is free with some rooms so check when you book. Or you can just rock up for breakfast for €19.

Best breakfast in Berlin

– yeah, I had some cake for breakfast, what of it… ?

I had a TV Tower view on the 31st floor so it was pretty sweet. I could see for miles over Berlin and it looked stunning by day and night. I could also see the cool little street market below, tempting me with the falafel and waffles. It was also right next to an underground stop and all the trams leading from Alexanderplatz.

Best place for breakfast in Berlin

My room was great for me with a double bed, a desk, a shower and toilet. There are 1012 rooms in the building, over 37 floors, and I was in 3106 almost as high as you can go in the 150m tower. You can see the Park Inn from miles around so you’ll never get lost either!

I was invited to stay at the Park Inn in Alexanderplatz during the DNX nomad conference I went to. All views are my own, the breakfast was pretty epic no matter how much you pay.

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