We did a quick paint job in the early morning to fulfil our five hours. Now that we’re into the swing of things we’re a lot more efficient.

Then we went off to Cadiz for the afternoon. Cadiz claims itself as the oldest city in Europe. We left the old town though for another day and concentrated on getting some rays on the beach to relax. After purchasing the obligatory comedy sunglasses from the bazaar we bought some Champagne from the shop, along with some frozen veggies to keep it cool, then hit the sand.

Chilling on the beach in Cadiz

The beach was beautiful, warm, fine sand and plenty of space. It was interesting, as it always is to watch the beach visitors. Something that strikes me about the Spaniards, both women and men is their body confidence whatever their age and shape. I guess it’s because it’s a hotter climate and they have no other option but to let it all out, but anyway I think it’s great. Went in the sea, fully clothed, was deliciously refreshing.

Then we met up with Neil from the kids camp we did for a few beverages, ended up quite the tipsy drunk, but it was brilliant to catch up with him again. He’s stuck in Cadiz with his girlfriend’s family because of the volcano in Iceland he can’t get home.

Cadiz in Spain is absolutely beautiful

He went and Waiel and I carried on the party, until it came to leaving when it all went wrong. We left 30 mins before we needed to, but we still had problems with the buses. I HATE the bus system in this region. It doesn’t seem to run to any sense or schedule. We ended up in San Fernando meeting our pissed off host. Oh dear.

Seville April Fair | Feria de abril de Sevilla
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