This weekend I’m flying to California, San Francisco to be precise. So damn excited.

There’s just something about America. Maybe it’s all the films, music and lifestyle we grow up with in the UK, I don’t know, but the thought of going to the USA just gives me that butterfly feeling.

My trip is going to be amazing.

I’m listening to the Phantom Planet California song as I type this and I feel shaky and sick with excitement. But I have to look normal because I’m in a café in Latvia.

San Francisco > Big Sur > Pismo Beach > Santa Barbara > Santa Monica > LA


Visit California, Virgin Holidays and VickyFlipFlop

I’m visiting as a guest of Visit California and Virgin Holidays and we’re driving the Pacific Coast Highway Wacky Races style. In a convertible. Yes. Yes, indeed.

(You see me rollin’)

Any eagle eyes will notice I did a similar trip last year before Coachella but y’know, stuff was happening then, so I’m so excited to do it again without all that going on in the car. And, did I mention a convertible?

What we doin’?

The hotels are lush – this is my first night in San Fran at Hotel Zephyr on Fisherman’s Wharf. It only opened on Monday!

“The hotel has incredible views of the San Francisco Bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, as well as the city skyline.”

Visit California Road Trip

Sailing, wine tasting, sand buggying, spas and a VIP Universal Studios tour are all involved before the final wrap party at The Bungalow Lounge. A quick Google search tells me Owen Wilson goes there – I hope he brings Taylor Swift, or Beyonce, or Seth Rogen, don’t mind.

Santa Monica

What am I going to wear?

I hope they’re ready for my designer H&M wardrobe out there…

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Ever been to Cali? Where’d you go?

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