I’ve become a little bit obsessed with spas recently. The chance to chill out in serenity, relax in a Jacuzzi and turn the brain off is an offer you can’t refuse. I know I look like I’m having an awesome time, and I definitely am, but since going freelance my brain is always ticking and planning: time is money.

Well, you know how I’ve got these IHG Points? I can spend them on Red Letter Days experiences around the UK as well as the fancy hotel stays I’ve been enjoying. Seeing as my mum could always do with a break too we decided to book into the Champneys Spa in Ashby de la Zouch and make the most of their facilities. With the Champneys Relax Spa Day Voucher I got access to the spa, a tasty lunch and a massage and pedicure too.

No phones allowed in the spa, so you’ll have to bear with me on the pics!

Champneys in Ashby de la Zouch

Champneys Spa

Wow, Champneys in Ashby de la Zouch is nice! As you walk up to the door the fountains and wooden walkway immediately give you a sense that you’re in among the rich ones now, living the high life. The friendly staff settled us in with some fruit, coffee, slippers and a dressing gown and gave us the lowdown on the spa.

We were soon chin deep in Champneys spa pool and after doing 500 lengths, or similar, we sat in the Jacuzzi to chill out and chat. Once we resembled prunes we gave the sauna and steam room a go. Cleansed, exercised, purified and smug it was time for a coffee in the hot sun, as it was that day. The sun loungers and magazines beckoned, and we obeyed.

IHG Rewards Points


There were so many options for lunch. I always get a bit carried away with buffets and this one was no different. There were salads, fish dinners, meaty delights, breads, veggies and sweet potato chips. I stuck with fish and salad, but a lot of fish and salad. Dessert was some super healthy rice pudding with loads of berries. Piled them on to get my money’s worth, obviously.


I really enjoyed my massage. My masseuse said I should consider having more due to the tension in my back. Yes ma’am. Mum didn’t enjoy hers so much as the lady kept talking to her, not ideal when you have your face down on a massage bed and you’re trying to relax.

The pedicures were good for both of us though – 20 minutes of soaking, scrubbing and nail painting and I was ready for my trip to Budapest. Of course, I managed to scuff it on the way out and had to go up and get it redone though. Go me.

IHG Points

Other facilities

I had a go in the gym while mum was having her pedicure and enjoyed raving to all the 90s techno tunes. With our IHG Rewards Points passes we also had access to the classes but none of the ones I wanted to go to fit with the pedicure and massage timetable they’d set for me. Or you had to pay for them if they were yoga or pilates. I did go for a walk around the grounds though, which were pretty fancy. I thought I’d come across a ‘situation’ at one point as I spotted on the horizon a lot people lying down under the trees, looking dead. Turns out the yoga class had decided to go al fresco, nothing to worry about.

The whole day was really chilled. It was so nice to just sit down and relax and chat without anything else to do. The experience days are a definite benefit from collecting IHG Rewards Points!

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