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The Best Cheap Festival Fashion

Festival fashion is one of the most fun things about the summer. I love seeing what the celebs manage to think up for Coachella and Glastonbury, it sets the tone for the festival season to come. Obviously we don’t have their stylists, or budgets, but you can definitely do festival fashion on the cheap.

Dressing for festivals can be difficult; you need to think about the practicalities of your outfit as well as wanting to look good and be comfortable too. I’ve had a look round at a few of the cheaper shops online and found a few styles that I reckon would work perfectly at music festivals.

Classic festival boho

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Head scarf ” job=”Stradivarius | £5.99″ description=”A colourful and unique headscarf is the perfect way to liven up your festival outfit, and to stand out from everyone else. If you’re going to wear one though WEAR it. Don’t feel silly and make sure you have it at the right angle. Just sayin.” social=”Buy,″ ]

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Poncho top with crochet hem ” job=”Stradivarius | £22.99″ description=”Love this poncho top – either with shorts or even just jeans. Effortless fashion that would look great with some chunky, colourful jewellery. ” social=”Buy,″ ]

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Fringed crochet waistcoat ” job=”Peacocks | £14″ description=”You can’t beat a bit of crochet to get you in the festival spirit. This cool waistcoat is great value and would look great over a bold coloured cami, jeans and some wellies.” social=”Buy,” ]

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Blue Tile Print Shorts ” job=”New Look | £12.99″ description=”If you manage to get to a festival with some sun you’ll want to make the most of it. These beauts look good and won’t take up much space in your backpack either. Plus, you can keep some tights in your bag for if the weather changes. ” social=”Buy,″ ]

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Strappy parrot print dress ” job=”£14 | Peacocks ” description=”I love this dress. I’d wear it with black leather boots and a leather jacket to toughen it up a bit, and I’d probably get a fringed leather bag too. Alternatively you could do as Peacocks suggests and pair with a straw hat and wellies for a look that is ‘effortlessly stylish’.” social=”Buy,″ ]

Rock star emo

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Tropical tie shirt” job=”£28 | Miss Selfridge ” description=”Love the old skool Americana feel to this shirt. It’s a little more expensive than the other items on my list but it would definitely be a stand out item at the festivals, if that’s the look you’re going for. ” social=”Buy,″ ]

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Check print shirt” job=”£19.99 | Stradivarius” description=”Love this shirt and it would be so easy to wear just paired with black jeans, or if it’s hot over your denim shorts. A check print shirt is definitely a festival essential. Not sure about then tying a denim shirt around your waist too, but whatever. ” social=”Buy,″ ]

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Red blazer” job=”Stradivarius | £29.99 ” description=”I reckon this red blazer would look best with either the crochet poncho top (so long as it doesn’t scrunch up too much) or the check shirt. I want. Think this would be my number one purchase actually.” social=”Buy,″ ]

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Awesome feather necklace” job=”Stradivarius | £9.99″ description=”This feather necklace would go really well with a leather jacket denim jacket or a just a simple dress. It could also totally change your ‘checked shirt look’ if you decided to go for that one. Get this and you’d definitely get a few compliments. Great price too. ” social=”Buy,″ ]

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Gingham check trousers ” job=”£14 | Peacocks” description=”These gingham trousers aren’t your usual festival fashion items but I think they’d be perfect with some black boots. Either a black top or a bright, bold one would be perfect to finish the look.” social=”Buy,″ ]

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Acid Denim Wash Playsuit ” job=”£12.99 | Peacocks ” description=”This little playsuit is such a good price and would look awesome when the sun’s out. It’s stylish and looks pretty comfortable too. Perfect.” social=”Buy,″ ]

Stay warm

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Roxy faux fur hat” job=”£6.99 ” description=”One of the worst things at festivals is confidently enjoying the weather and then suddenly it changes, and you’re miles from your tent. Carry this Roxy faux fur pom pom hat round and you’ll stay warm all night.” social=”Buy,″ ]

And safe

[red_team_member image_url=”” name=”Acid denim bum bag / fanny pack ” job=”£12.99 | New Look ” description=”I can’t even tell you how much I love my bum bag. It’s so useful to have all my essentials in easy reach, both at airports and at festivals. I’d definitely recommend a good bum bag for your summer festivities. ” social=”Buy,″ ]

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