Checklist to Travelling with E-cigs and Vape

I did not know there were so many rules when it comes to vaping and E-cigging abroad. Every day’s a school day hey?!

Number one rule of travelling with E-cigs and vapes is to check the specific rules with your airline before you go.

Number two? Check the rules of the country you’re heading to.

– Just a friendly reminder from Vape Club…

Some countries have totally banned E-cigs and vaping – including Thailand and Turkey. If you’re a vaper you need to think about this before booking a holiday to either of those places, you don’t want to end up back on the cigs now do you?!

Other countries have banned the selling of the products, although actually vaping is ok – including Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Croatia. If you’re planning on booking a summer holiday to any of these destinations then you need to make sure to stock up on products before you go, and enough to last the trip. You’re not gonna find them there, at least, not safely!

Packing list for e-cigs and vapes

Vape Club have come up with this handy packing list for anyone worried about taking e cigs and vapes abroad.

  • Vape Device
  • Spare Coils / Wicks and Wire
  • Eliquids / Eliquid Pods
  • Charged Batteries
  • Charger / USB Lead
  • Storage Case
  • Battery Case
  • Drip Cloth
  • International Plug Adaptor

In the airport

Remember, e-cigarettes can only be used in the smoking areas outside the terminal, and usually, there are no smoking areas after security control. Get your hit while you can. 

On the flight

It’s not just what you pack though – how you pack it is really important too. No one wants e-liquid all over everything when they open their suitcase at the other end.

Use plastic bottles, eliquid bottles and even a vape carry case to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Also, you’ll want to protect your vaping paraphernalia too. Keep your batteries in individual cases, or in rubber sleeves to make sure they survive the journey. And always empty your tank before boarding the flight to avoid the change in air pressure causing your device to leak.

You can take eliquid on planes, but it needs to be less than 100ml and stored in a clear plastic bag. Keep it in your hand luggage, with its original box and assembled, to prove it is what you say it is. People are definitely getting more used to vapes and e-cigs but you never know when you might be spot checked.


Always check the local laws before you start vaping away, but you should be able to find a suitable spot at the airport. And then, a quick transfer to your hotel and you can vape away, as much as you like.

Genuinely didn’t know there was so much to taking your e-cig and vape etiquette abroad!

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