Road trippin with my few favourite allies. Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies. – awesome RHCP

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to go on a road trip in the USA. This year I’m making it happen.

The route

San Francisco > Santa Cruz > Monterey > San Simeon > Pismo Beach > Malibu > LA > Palm Springs > Coachella Festival > Las Vegas

If you did it straight and non stop it’d be 11 hours, but with plenty of reasons to get out of the car along the way we’ve got a few days to cover the distance.

I’m going with my boyfriend, his best mate and his partner. Three of my favourite people.

We’ve got four nights in San Francisco to start, so far with no set plans. I know I want to see Lombard Street, Alcatraz and get on the wine tasting, but apart from that we’re just going to hang out and see what happens.

Coachella Road trip

Early on the 5th day we’ll start the road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway. En route we’ll go over the Bixby Bridge, see endless beaches, visit some Hot Springs and who knows what else. Very excited to pull into a station in our big jeep we’ve ordered and get some ‘gas’ and a slush puppy for the journey.

Coachella Road trip

Just before we reach Palm Springs we’re going to go crazy in Walmart and buy up all our camping stuff for Coachella. I’ve already found the biggest one in LA. So excited for the shopping spree.

Then we have one more night of a proper bed in Palm Springs and we’re off to Coachella Festival in the morning!

After four beautiful days partying in the desert we’ll jump back in the car and make the 5-hour journey to Las Vegas. Hopefully we won’t be too broken and we can hit up some casinos. Or at least watch other people doing it as I’m sure we’ll be penniless by this point.

The next day the car will go back, but we’ll be boarding a plane to NYC for a week. Ready for the second half of our trip, which I’m sure will be a whole other story or blog post.

11th April can’t come soon enough!

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