Ultimate Cocktail To-Drink List Around the World

Aren’t cocktails FUN?

And why isn’t there a travel and cocktail blogger who’s just going round the world sampling the local concoctions and writing about them for the rest of us? Or is there?

Dream job much?

Eating in Tel aviv

We use cocktails to celebrate, they usually mark an event, whether that’s just Friday night, holidays, birthdays or one of the many other life events. There’s just something about poring over that extensive bar list and picking your poison. Right now, mine is an Espresso Martini, but I’ll admit, I’m fickle.

I’ve drank a lot of cocktails around the world, from dirty Thai buckets in Chang Mai to classy Cosmopolitans in New York, Sex and the City style, and every rum cocktail going on various Caribbean islands. And now, my love of the cocktail has been quoted in Travel Republic’s guide to cocktails around the world. Knew my drinking would come in useful one day.

So I’m like the official spokesperson for the Mojito in Cuba (on this website anyway). Love it.

Cuba mojitos

– Post in collaboration with Travel Republic

Holiday cocktails  

Travel Republic have put together this guide to what cocktails to drink where, featuring various contributions from me, and a few other travel bloggers too.

Some of these cocktails I’ve never actually heard of – the Canary Islands Mint Tea? I missed out on that when I went to Gran Canaria. And with the amount of times I’ve been to Barcelona you would’ve thought I’d know the Panther Milk – but nope, never heard of it. That one’s recommended by my friend Kara from heelsinmybackpack, definitely checking her recommendations out next time I go to Barcelona (in a few weeks, hopefully).

I think the number one I want to try next though is the Icelandic Mule, in Reykjavik, with the Northern Lights glimmering in the sky above me. Kinda wishful thinking.

Is it bad that I’m seeing it as a cocktail to-drink list?

Weekend in Rovinj Hotel Adriatic

History of cocktails

When I was in New Orleans I went on a brilliant food and cocktails tour and it was so interesting to hear how the history of the cocktail really paralelled the history and events of the past of the city. The way drinks are mixed together and blended through the years really reflects what was going on at the time. I mean, if my history teacher had served the cocktail of the time along with the specific history lesson I might’ve been a bit more interested in it.

Anyway, if you can’t go on a cocktail tour in every city you visit, just check out the Travel Republic guide to see which one you’re meant to be drinking, where and why.

I’ve got about 5 to go till I can consider the list done…

Any other cocktails around the world
you think I need to try?

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