42 Awesome Experiences from Contiki’s LA to the Bay Tour

Soooo, my LA to the Bay Contiki tour was fun.

  Contiki’s LA to the Bay tour =
LA > San Diego > Scotsdale > Vegas > San Francisco Bay

STA Travel booked me on the trip to see what I thought – those thoughts are currently being processed. For now, I wanted to just show off some photos with a quick run down of 42 awesome experiences you can expect to enjoy on an LA to the Bay tour, just y’know, for future reference.

Of course, the Thanksgiving related points would depend on the time of the year, but there’s always something to celebrate, right?

LA to the Bay Tour with
Contiki + STA Travel

La to the Bay Contiki

1. Walk over Bob Hope, and Mary Kate and Ashley, and Christina Aguilera et al at the Hollywood Walk of Stars.

La to the Bay Contiki 2. Share a fishbowl on Fremont Street under the Slotzilla zipline in Vegas.

La to the Bay Contiki

3. See the Hollywood sign.

La to the Bay Contiki

4. Take a pic of the end of Route 66 on Santa Monica Pier.

LA to the Bay Contiki

5. And another actually on Route 66 in  Seligman, AZ.

La to the Bay Contiki

6. Get married in Elvis’ church in Vegas.

LA to the Bay Tour

7. Meet a different Elvis at the Vegas sign.

Vegas Elvis

8. And then see him packing up his car, like a real person.

La to the Bay Contiki

9. Drink Grand Canyon beer at the Grand Canyon, like a bad ass.

La to the Bay Tour

10. Enjoy someone else driving, while you admire the world from California, to Arizona, to Nevada and back again.

La to the Bay Contiki

11. Climb down to the Grand Canyon, and out again. Kind of.

La to the Bay Contiki

12. Drink beers and rum at the rim with your NBFs from Oz, Canada & New Zealand.

La to the Bay Contiki

13. See the biggest Christmas baubles ever at Macy’s in Vegas.
LA to the Bay Contiki

14. Watch the sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge on a catamaran in San Fran.

LA to the Bay Contiki

15. See the cool street art on on Windward Ave, Venice Beach, CA.

Chipotle in Sedona

16. Eat a Chipotle burrito with a view, in Sedona.

Chilled wine San Diego

17. Chill your wine on Coronado Island, San Diego.

La to the Bay tour

18. Take ‘that’ photo at the Vegas sign. Good luck with the lighting.

La to the Bay Tour

19. Pose for epic photos at the Grand Canyon.

La to the Bay

20. See the Hoover Dam*

*not my photo – thanks bechtel.com

San Francisco drag queen

21. Watch what is possibly the worst drag queen ever at The Stud in Castro, San Francisco.

La to the Bay Contiki

22. See a gay zebra crossing.

La to the Bay Contiki

23.Watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon.

La to the Bay Contiki

24. Cycle round Yosemite National Park.

LA to the bay Contiki

25. Eat your first Thanksgiving dinner.

26. With butternut squash with marshmallows on top as a side.

LA to the Bay Contiki

27. See downtown San Diego by speedboat

La to the Bay

28. Get looked after every day by your tour leader, hopefully Kiran.

Me on the Observation Wheel Vegas

29. Go on the highest observation wheel in the world, in Vegas!

La to the bay San Francisco

30. See and hear the seals going crazy on Pier 39 in San Francisco.


31. Buy gin for crazy cheap at Walmart.

La to the Bay

32. Ride the mechanical bull in San Diego.

La to the Bay Contiki Tour

33. Stay at an incredible chalet in Bass Lake.

La to the Bay Contiki

34. See OTT gone OTT in Vegas.

La to the Bay Contiki

35. Gamble in Vegas.

La to the Bay Contiki

36. Go nuts in Macy’s in San Diego.

La to the Bay Contiki

37. Eat hot dogs as part of a ‘cultural experience’.

La to the Bay Contiki

38. And a Double-Double at In n Out Burger.

La to the bay contiki

39. See a Christmas Tree in the Sedona desert.

La to the Bay Contiki

40. Take a helicopter over the Grand Canyon.

La to the Bay Contiki

41. See the crazy Christmas decorations at the New York New York Hotel in Vegas.

La to the Bay Contiki

42. Cruise round Sedona in a jeep with a real life cowboy at the helm.

43. Go from this, to this, after a night in Vegas.


Safe to say it was an awesome 11 nights, I’d recommend to anyone looking to explore the USA but not wanting the hassle of travelling solo.

Booking deets: this all happened on the LA to the Bay tour, which can be booked with STA Travel here.

– I received a complimentary place on the trip in return for a review.

LA to the Bay Contiki and STA Travel

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  1. by Emily Ray on December 2, 2016  10:42 am Reply

    EURGH. Your Vegas photos are making me miss it SO MUCH. I went at the beginning of November last year so just missed all the Christmas decorations (by the time we got to San Francisco 2 weeks later, the first Christmas decorations were just being put up). Now you make me want to go back next Christmas BUT ALSO in summer for the pool parties BUT ALSO to San Diego and Sedona and eurgh. I need to get back to 'Merica.

    Also, those photos of you in the Grand Canyon make me feel diiiiizzy! You're so brave! I couldn't go within like 5 metres of the edge...!

    • by Vicky on December 8, 2016  3:46 am Reply

      Ha, I wasn't scared at all. Maybe I should've been – I've just been reading about the average 12 deaths in the Grand Canyon every year, which is sad.

      Ah Vegas was so much fun. I'm loving all the decorations in the USA at the moment. They're really going for it with the huge trees and baubles. NYC next week which I'm sure will top it all!

  2. by icanfly on December 4, 2016  10:26 pm Reply

    Hey Vicky, great collection of photos, I think your client is getting a good deal.
    I was intrigued by No 19. "Pose for epic photos at the Grand Canyon" picture. Having, in the past, done considerable work at heights, that picture made my toes and fingertips tingle. If it is as it looks, I am surprised, it looks bloody dangerous with all the loose rock on the path and no observable safety lines. I hope you do a full posting on the experience and how you felt at the time. Thanks for the picture tour with you.

    • by Vicky on December 8, 2016  3:42 am Reply

      Thanks – me too! Glad you like the pics. They're a mixture of iPhone 6S and Olympus PEN EPL7 so I'm glad you enjoy them.

      I can do a full post on hanging on the precipice of the Grand Canyon, sure! I have so many photos right on the edge. I loved it! I was more scared for my group who kept seeming to slip near the edge, just a little misplaced foot and you could easily become a gonner. As people in the past have done. It was definitely dangerous but there is no way they could fence it all off. They just need to trust people to be careful. :)

  3. by Arianwen on January 25, 2017  12:00 am Reply

    I love your 'climbing out of the Grand Canyon' photo. Such a classic. Never gets old! Also, congratulations on your Vegas marriage ;)

    • by Vicky on January 31, 2017  1:26 pm Reply

      Ha, thanks Ari. It was a beautiful Elvis themed ceremony :)

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