Convert Your Commute into Holidays With This Map

Love Holidays have come up with an interactive tube map to show you just how expensive living in London is, compared to going on holiday. They’ll prove that going on holiday doesn’t have to be that much more expensive than your every day expenses of living in the Big Smoke.

Tube Map for Love Holidays

London is notoriously expensive – even just commuting to work and going out for a swifty after hours can make the out of towner’s eyes bulge. LoveHolidays’ research found that…

“Residents of Barking can swap the commute to Barbican for a week on an all-inclusive holiday on the beaches of Crete.”

“Exchange the East India to Victoria journey for 7 nights in Malta with capital city Valletta showing off its rich heritage and sites as the European City of Culture for 2018.”

I think basically, what they’re trying to do, is to put the cost of a holiday in perspective and show you that with the amount you spend on travel and living on a daily basis, might as well be spent abroad when you could be having a lovely time in a new place.

Love Holidays Tube Map

– I totally thought ‘flip flops in Farringdon’ was something to do with me – turns out, not

Simply enter a daily commute on the holiday finder tube map and follow the track to discover some of the destinations that an average week of rent and travel can take you to. They’ve chosen Turkey for me.

All inclusive to Turkey

In my last London job I used to commute from St John’s Wood to New Malden – so far and so expensive New Malden isn’t even on the list. Before that I commuted from St John’s Wood to White City, via a bus that used to take blummin ages but wasn’t actually that far. For the price of that I could be sunning myself on a beach in Turkey. Choices, choices hey?

The interactive tube map can be found HERE so go ahead and try it to see where you could end up going this Winter.

Where will a week of rent and tube travel take you?

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