6 Coolest Things to Do on a Weekend in Luxembourg

I feel like the whole point of an Interrail pass is to see as many countries as possible in a short amount of time – not something I was very good at, or did justice.

I managed a few stops in Spain, France, Germany and Denmark over a month. I also went to Luxembourg, somewhere I didn’t know much about but it seemed like I could up my country quota to make the Interrail pass seem a little more worth it if I included it in. I was glad I did.

Luxembourg City, in Luxembourg, is a beautiful little place and perfect for either a relaxing or active weekend away.

1. Went for a accidentally ridiculously long walk

What to do in Luxembourg

The thing is with Luxembourg is that you’ll look to see where somewhere is on the map, head that way, and then realise there’s a 50ft cliff in between you and your wanted destination. That’s what happened to me anyway. This ended with me going on a crazily long walk for miles, which was great as I got to see loads of stunning buildings and gardens, but also exhausting and not planned.

Something to keep in mind when you’re planning your daily itinerary!

2. Stayed at the Park Inn

Luxembourg things to do

I stayed at the Park Inn, thankfully just a few minutes from the station. Check out my room – it was definitely one of my most favourite I’ve ever stayed in. In fact if it hadn’t been for wanting to photograph the beautiful city and explore I wouldn’t have left.

I had so much space, which was incredible after all the little pokey rooms and hostels I’d been staying in, and the bathroom was lush. I had my breakfast included in the room rate, staff were super friendly and it was just up the road from the train station, 5 minutes walk from town.

I’d definitely recommend Luxembourg’s Park Inn, especially if you want somewhere where you can really relax and enjoy the city’s potential.

3. Explored the fortification


Luxembourg is enclaved in a huge fortress, which is verified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can climb up to see the incredible view over the valleys and hills of the area – and have a good snoop into people’s gardens. You can also see the Neumünster Abbey and the St John’s church too.

4. Watched a gig in the centre

Things to do in Luxembourg

These kids were so good! They were playing on the bandstand in and playing lots of modern tunes as well as some classic brass band ones. I used to play in a band so it bought back a few memories.

According to the big list I saw by the main square there are always festivals and concerts in the city centre – there are events throughout the summer. Just down the road there was also an open air cinema, unfortunately that night they were playing The Man Who Knew Too Much Bond film – not quite my cup of tea.

5. Hung out in Grund

Things to do in Luxembourg

Grund is a really cute area of Luxembourg City deep in the valley. You can sit by the river and drink coffee or have a bit to eat surrounded by the stunning nature and rock formations of the valley.

6. Had one the best quiches of my life 

A new friend at the Park Inn suggested I try Conrad in town for some healthy food and I’m so glad I did. The veggie quiche was something else – absolutely delicious. The cocktails looked pretty good too – although I stuck with the coffee.

Other things to do in Luxembourg

What to do in Luxembourg

  • Rent a bike – good luck with the hills
  • Go bridge spotting – plenty to see in Luxembourg
  • Visit Notre Dame Cathedral – possibly the number one attraction, oops
  • Go to Casemates du Bock – a 10-mile tunnel system built during the 18th century. If you’re claustrophobic, avoid.
  • Explore the copper mine museum in Stolzembourg – go down with a guide to explore the artefacts.
  • Have fun at Merveilleux Park – a zoo and an amusement park with cool animal exhibits.

Ever been to Luxembourg – any activity I missed?


  1. Sounds like you had a great time in Luxembourg! Will definitely keep these things (and your other suggestions) in mind if I end up visiting!

    1. Yeah it was fun. Always good to see a new place and I reckon Luxembourg would be perfect for a weekend adventure. Let me know if you manage to make it over there!

    1. Yeah definitely – sometimes when you’ve got too much of an idea about your destination you forget about the journey so it’s good to get lost once in a while. And I sure did in Luxembourg!

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