Crazy Mzungo’s Flashpackers, Zanzibar

“The Crazy Mzungo cocktail is for 2-3 people, but you’ll probably be able to drink one to yourself.”

The first morning of my stay at Crazy Mzungo’s and I was unsure of how the barman Ramson knew me so well. Who’d he been talking to?

Crazy Mzungo's in Bwejuu, Zanzibar

Amazing cocktails served to your sun lounger…

“English people drink so much” he said with a big smile.

Ah, phew, not just me then. Thought he might’ve spoken to one of possibly thousands around the world who’ve witnessed my enjoyment of the sauce.

And Crazy Mzungo’s in Bwejuu, on the beach in Zanzibar would definitely be a good place to enjoy it. I stayed in a private bungalow with a double bed just 10 steps away from the beautiful beach. Once on the sand I had the choice of six sunbeds – not your horrible white plastic melarkey, but beautiful wooden structures with rope tightly knotted across to ensure my afternoon siestas were comfortable and well supported ones.

Cool hostel in Zanzibar

My favourite sunbed at Crazy Mzungo’s

In my ‘Om Shanti’ themed bedroom the mosquito net hung around my bed made me feel more ‘princess’ than ‘mosquito food’. My bed was comfy and for the first time in my 27 years I’m karibued (welcomed, some Swahili stuck) by a beautiful heart display featuring two towels and some flowers. Shame there was no one there to share the joy with me.

Cool hostel in Zanzibar

Ooo, that bed was so comfortable

My bedroom was simple – and perfect. As well as my double bed I had shelves, which I quickly made a mess of and an ensuite bathroom too. The water was cold, but electricity is a luxury in Bwejuu, Zanzibar.

The owners Matt and Michelle opened on the day I arrived. I secretly worried it was for me, but there were three other guests so I’ll share some of the blame with them. Matt and Michelle are from Cape Town, but run Crazy Mzungo’s Flashpackers and two luxury villas during peak season from June to March. It’s the perfect place for anyone wanting to get away and chill out by the beach.

Matt told me the story of how he’d found this gutted and abandoned Beetle in Stone Town (an hour’s drive away) and hatched a plan to bring it back to decorate the bar. He painted it black, got someone with a steady hand to paint ‘Jack Daniels’ on it and through his contacts got Jack Daniels to sponsor Crazy Mzungo’s.

Cool accommodation in Zanzibar

It can even light up at night!

I ate at Crazy Mzungo’s Flashpackers every day. Partly because I didn’t have any Tanzanian Shillings and they let me run up a bill for two days until I did, but mostly because the food was delicious. They have a standard menu and a specials board too. This is what I made my way through during the three days…

  • Fried Masala Fish – whole delicious fish with a sauce and salad – 12,000Tzsh (£4.90)
  • Iced Coffee and Ice Cream – incredible – 7,000Tzsh (£2.85)
  • Goat’s Cheese and Tomato Chipati 10,000Tzsh (£4)
  • Scrambled Eggs on Toast 8,000Tzsh (£3.25)
  • Falafel Sandwich 1o,000Tzsh (£4)

On the final day I managed to get hold of some currency and ate at a bar a bit further along the beach: big mistake. The food at Crazy Mzungo’s was definitely some of the best I’d ever tasted.

Cool accommodation in Bwejuu

Powerful shower in a cute bathroom…

On my first night Michelle and Ransom the barman invited me to a party, which I err, slept through with a glorious 13-hour sleep in the comfy bed. And the second night I went to Vuvuzelas in Paje, the local club. On the third night I lay out on the sun loungers admiring the stars thinking about that part in the Lion King where Pumba, Timone and Simba discuss what they actually are.

Crazy Mzungo’s is in a great location in Bwejuu, just up the road from Paje in Zanzibar. There are plenty of bars lining the beach, little shops in the village and loads of water sports just ten minutes along the sand. The area is famous for its kitesurfing, but there are also plenty of tours to take around the little islands. Sadly I didn’t have the time or money for any of this, but I did have the time and money to sit and watch the tide come in and out from my sun lounger.

Bwejuu Zanzibar

Wish I was there…

Book Crazy Mzungo’s, on the beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania with Rooms start from £19.72pppn.

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  1. by Arianwen on July 23, 2012  2:09 pm Reply

    Ok, so I'm definitely going back to Tanzania and next time I WILL visit Zanzibar. Absolutely gorgeous!

    • by Vicky on July 23, 2012  3:35 pm Reply

      Yay! Can I come? :)

  2. by Ayngelina on July 23, 2012  3:04 pm Reply

    I have never been to Africa but wow Zanzibar looks gorgeous.

    • by Vicky on July 23, 2012  3:36 pm Reply

      It was amazing!

  3. by Awesome Boracay on March 26, 2013  4:49 am Reply

    Hey Vicky!

    Very nice shots! <3 I miss the authentic exotic look and feel of native huts these days. Is this a backpacker destination? Some of the food still looks expensive (£3.25 for scrambled eggs!?) I think you'll want to visit Boracay and the Philippines. The beaches here will SPOIL YOU!! And the great part is it can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be!

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