Well apart from the frozen yogurt, but that was regulation.

Last full day at The Sanctuary today! Feeling appreciative of the week, making our own food, my new friends, my family and the amount of weight I’ve lost here… 

7am Wake up feeling refreshed. No dogs barking last night and I didn’t have to go to bed ridiculously early. Much better.

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9am Tell Mr Smoothie I don’t want his morning produce. So glad I don’t have to face eating that this morning, but I am really hungry.

Food at The Sanctuary

9:20am Start creating an Indian vegan meal for 23 with another one of the Sanctuary-ers.

10am Starving. Smuggle a lady finger banana in my mouth and dispose of the evidence. Heart is racing and feel guilty as hell.

11am Must taste test all the food were creating, obviously. Absolutely incredible. Well impressed.

12:05pm Finish pretty much just on time. Cooking is such hard work. Honestly can’t remember the last time I peeled a potato and I’ve just done 16 of the little fellas.

12:10pm Present avocado salad, with extra avocado. Lentils. Masala soaked peppers, onions and sweet potatoes. Black quinoa. Goes down a treat. Absolutely delicious and the best meal I’ve had here so far. Proud and actually looking forward to the leftovers for dinner for once.

12:30pm Got the whole afternoon free. So happy.

6pm Chat to another fellow Sanctuary-er over a spot of rooftop yoga. Love some of the people here. So interesting and different to me.

7:30pm My last time holding hands around the table and breathing deep before dinner. Mmm delicious leftovers. Eat too much. Then remember there’s dessert for once. Avocado and nut cheesecake made from all raw ingredients. Absolutely delicious and so filling. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am impressed!

8:30pm Salsa dancing class. Hate salsa. Hate it even more by the end of this session. Man picks on me to dance and when I can’t do it (because I can’t dance, and I’m not interested) he gets annoyed. Decide to tell him gently that while I appreciate his efforts, I don’t want them. Feel bad, but he’s making me look stupid. Never doing salsa again.

Salsa dancing at The Sanctuary

11pm Ooo I’m still awake. Chatting to my new friends in the lounge. They’ve been through some heavy stuff man. Appreciate my family, and their health, more than ever.

Day 8 / And the total weight loss is…

6am Wake up feeling happy and excited. I’m on the road again!

6:20am Join in with the meditation to give it one last bash. Decide, no, it’s still not for me. Feels self indulgent, and my mind wanders too much. Would rather sleep or listen to music.

7:30am Great yoga sesh, feel well stretched out.

9am Give the juice one last bash too, today it is a tasty treat that’s been strained so I can knock it back quite easily. Well done Mr Smoothie Man.

9:30am Chill out! I take a walk along the beach and go and explore the beautiful Zicatela. Check these pics out…

The Sanctuary Puerto Escondido

3:30pm Weigh myself. And the grand total for weight loss during my week at The Sanctuary is… 8lbs! Wow.

4pm Say bye to everyone. So grateful to them all for sharing their stories with me, teaching me about Buddhism and showing me there’s more to eat than meat, sweets, bread and delicious sauces. Really hope I can keep a healthier attitude to food up, and the yoga too.

4:30pm I’m outta that door!

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