Digital nomad lifestyle in Australia: The best cities and coworking spaces for remote workers 

The hottest talking point around town is the concept of being a digital nomad. Working from remote corners of the globe with nothing but your laptop and an unwavering need to see the world. But for some, there needs to be a balance between the freedom of working remotely and a regular routine.

Enter co-working spaces.

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These revolutionary spaces allow remote workers to find a productive environment wherever they go. Co-working spaces are creative and open plan, promoting a community mentality but also offering a few corporate corners for brainstorming, meetings, and solitude. 

Australia is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads looking to strike that balance between corporate and co-working. Despite it being one of the more expensive countries to travel to, Australia promises a wealth of adventures that seemingly trumps any price tag. Visiting Australia as a digital nomad gives you the chance to experience thriving metropolitans and quickly escape to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Best cities for co-working in Australia

1. Sydney

It isn’t hard to see why Sydney takes the top spot for co-workers in Australia. It is an iconic city with tons of landmarks, a fantastic beach culture, and a vibrant city atmosphere. There are about 70 co-working spaces in the city but it is the most expensive, costing an average of AU$470 per month.

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Where to co-work in Sydney

One of the most popular co-working spaces in Sydney is JustCo. They are part of a global network of spaces connecting you to more than 100,000 like-minded nomads. There are two spaces in the city and you will have access to all the hottest spots in town.

Another popular option is Your Desk in Surry Hills and in the CBD. It is one of the less expensive options but you will be in love with its comfortable and warm aesthetic. It is like working from your living room, sans the pyjamas. 

2. Melbourne

Melbourne is a cultural hub and one of the most livable cities in the world. It has a thriving startup scene, making it an ideal destination for digital nomads. The city boasts the most coworking spaces of any city in Australia, 101 and counting, and they are stylish, personable, and comfortable. Melbourne also boasts easy access to wine country adding to the lifestyle perks of living down south.

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Where to co-work in Melbourne

WeWork has been in the city for more than 6 years and it is one of the chicest places around. You also have access to way more facilities than your run-of-the-mill co-working space and they offer photography studios, rooftop terraces, well-being zones, and parent rooms.

Selina St. Kilda also takes it up a level with a stay-and-play package where you can live at the co-working space in one of their beautifully designed rooms. For as little as $1000 a month, you can live on-site and have access to their other Selina spaces across the globe.

3. Brisbane

Brisbane is on the brink of a nomad revolution with co-working spaces popping up all the time. They had just under 30 co-working locations by the start of 2023 but more and more nomads flock to this subtropical haven looking for more affordable housing and the laid-back lifestyle that spills over from Gold Coast.

Where to co-work in Brisbane

Brisbane has many smaller co-working spaces with a more intimate setting and prices are often half of what you can expect to pay in Sydney. WOTSO is a fun pet-friendly space with hot desks starting from $220 per month. Fishburners is another energetic space that offers a 5-day free visitor pass to prospective nomads.

Both Gravity and The Coterie have put major thought into their aesthetics. The former is a modern space where start-ups go to thrive. The Coterie is an artistic space that invites calm and collaboration.

Coworking spaces in rural areas

Australia is also home to several rural areas that are perfect for remote workers who prefer a quieter lifestyle. These areas have several coworking spaces, including The Mill Castlemaine and Castlemaine Coworking in Victoria, CoSpaces on the Gold Coast, and Lightbox Coworking in South Australia’s Port Lincoln. 

These spaces offer a comfortable and collaborative environment, along with stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere. You can stay in less expensive areas of Australia while enjoying the small-time atmosphere and quick escapes into nature. This way, you can really sink your teeth into all that Australia has to offer without missing a beat at work.

Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of a big city or the peace and quiet of a rural area, Australia has something for everyone. So pack your bags, grab your laptop, and start your digital nomad journey in Australia today!

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