My Plan for a Dream Trip to Utah (& Win £200 in Holiday Vouchers!)

I’m lucky enough to have seen quite a bit of America. In fact, all in all I’ve spent over a year there – thanks to two university summers working as a camp counselor, three months on the music trail from Austin up to Chicago, and various other holidays to California, Arizona, Florida, New York and Illinois.

There’s still more I want to see though!

USA Maob

– This post is in collaboration with Brand USA, all so you can potentially win holiday vouchers!

Read on and I’ll tell you how.

One of the best things about the US, I’ve come to realise is the parks and the outdoors. At one time I was all about the cities, but from the last few times I’ve been, I’ve realised the great outdoors is the best part of America.

And that’s why Utah would be my next choice for a holiday to the US of A. Where would you want to go?

How to win £200 of holiday vouchers for the USA!

Why I want to visit Utah

All you need to do to enter to win £200 of holiday vouchers for the USA, is to check out the new trip planner here – and then comment on this post below with the top 5 destinations you’d like to go to in the US.

Why not write me a little message too?

The trip planner is an awesome way to see where to go in your chosen state and work out how you can fit it all together. Just look at this screenshot as an example.

Utah trip planner

Also, the organisers of the competition, Brand USA, want you to add #WanderlustWish in too.

– Enter by 4pm 28/02/2019 –

Here’s an example entry for you…

Napa Valley, California
Portland, Oregon

I really want to see more of America’s National Parks and Utah seems like a great place to start! Obviously I want to see the beaches and eat the Poke in Hawaii, and then Alaska just sounds amazing. And I basically just want to go to Napa Valley and Portland to eat and drink as much as possible.


Take a look at the trip planner and you’ll see it also gives you your personalised itinerary as a schedule too. This makes it so much easier to plan your America road trip day by day.

USA Trip Planner

Why I want to go to Utah

– Zion National Park

– Bryce Canyon National Park

– Arches National Park

Obviously I’d still want to check out Salt Lake City too, but the National Parks would be the main attraction.

What to see and do in Utah

In Utah you can also go skiing, white water rafting, explore the beaches, AND take beautiful road trip adventures around the state. There’s also some great cycling routes, interesting restaurants and museums about space too. Just look at the Planetarium and the Science Museum for your fix.

Utah Tourism say: “Perfect powder, rugged red rock, alpine lakes and more. If Utah don’t got it, you don’t need it. With 3.5 distinct geographic regions, five national parks, 45 state parks, 5 national historic sites & trails, and a dozen national monuments & recreation areas. Not every state lets you ski and golf and go to the ballet in one day. Not every state has 12,000 years of human history and fry sauce.”

Which, in very short summary, sums up why I’d like Utah to be my next America adventure!

I already knew there was loads to do in Utah, and wanted to visit, but since writing this post I think I need to make this happen.

This post is in conjunction with Visit The USA but all thoughts are my own.

What to do in Utah

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  1. by Hayley on February 15, 2019  3:36 pm Reply

    Oh my GOD I love this idea - it's SO handy!! Kat and I have done two American road trips in the last few months, our first was a two week West Coast trip from LA to Vegas, Zion, Joshua Tree and Palm Springs including the Grand Canyon too and Horseshoe Bend. Then we just came back from a 9 day road trip around Florida which was ace.

    We're planning another road trip in April to Utah which would be fun - the vouchers would be so handy! :)

    Five US destinations I'd love to visit: Utah, Seattle, Hawaii, Chicago and New Orleans!

    Hayley xo

    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:16 am Reply

      Oh nice! Forgot about Zion and Joshua Tree, I want to go to them too!

      So many cool places to see in the USA. Great you're getting out to see so much of it!

  2. by Rebecca on February 17, 2019  7:50 pm Reply

    I've seen this tool before and it's a really good idea, especially for road trips! And if you pick whole states, it will include towns that you might never have heard of/thought of visiting before!

    I'm greedy so eventually, I want to visit all 50 states ;) but if I had to pick just five places I would go to New Orleans, Jackson Alabama, Memphis and Nashville in Tennessee and Charlotte in North Carolina. I think that would make a very fun road trip!


    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:14 am Reply

      Yeah it's such a good tool isn't it?! Can't imagine the skill and tech that goes into putting something like this together. I kinda want to go to every state too, but it's a crazy thought. Think sometimes we forget how big the USA really is.

      Interesting choices. Would love to go to North Carolina!

  3. by Sophie Davis on February 18, 2019  2:16 pm Reply

    OMG I am dying to go to Utah. I've heard that its amazing there for skiing too, with some beautiful slopes and never ending valleys.

    I would love to visit:
    New York
    + Nashville!

    I really want to visit Hawaii due to how beautiful it is, from millions of years of volcanic activity. I'd love to visit Utah for the slopes, Philly for the sports and watch a Eagles game, New York as I've never been and I'd love to go, and Nashville as I love music!


    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:11 am Reply

      Yeah the skiing there looks amazing! Feel like it's been ages since I skied actually. You've got some good reasons for the places you want to visit. Hope you make it to some of them one day. So much to see and do in the USA hey?

  4. by Jeremy Theaker on February 18, 2019  4:10 pm Reply

    This planning tool is actually a really good idea and I am using it for my upcoming trip to Dallas.
    I have been to lots of popular American parks and cities but there are a few under the radar states plus more mainstream places I'd like to go. my list of 5 would be:

    I like the idea of going to some more remote and less well known parts of America and these 5 would I am sure be weird and wonderful.


    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:10 am Reply

      Ooo nice, few new ones in there compared to the other suggestions. Oklahoma would definitely be an interesting one!

  5. by Jenny Lowthrop on February 18, 2019  5:24 pm Reply

    Oh my I am desperate to return to the USA. Hoping to go back in may for my 15 year high school (15 YEARS!! I'm so old) High School reunion. Any trip to the USA should always include either NYC or San Francisco but there is so much of the USA I am yet to see so want to mix it up a bit.

    So with that trip in mind my current perfect trip would be

    Philadelphia (and Princeton near my school)

    I'm desperate to visit Chicago and Seattle for the food and adventures and Minneapolis seems a good midway stop... Road trip! Maybe a stop in Northern New York State too for some winter mountain vibes. aaa so much of America I still need to see!


    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:09 am Reply

      I love that you went to high school in the USA. SO COOL. I think you should definitely go to Chicago on your next trip. So iconic and so many cool places to see. I think May would be a beautiful time to go too. Good luck!

  6. by @yellobrickroad on February 18, 2019  5:35 pm Reply

    Love your blog and insta!

    My top 5:
    - San fran > Monterey > LA > Vegas road trip
    - Boston > Cape Cod road trip
    - Hawaii
    - Nashville
    - Texas

    Also would love to go back to New Orleans! #WanderlustWish


    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:07 am Reply

      Ah thank you! Lovely of you to say.

      GREAT ideas for your top 5. Boston to Cape Cod is a new one on me, haven't heard of that before but I should go off and Google.

      Hope you get to make it to some of these destinations one day!

  7. by Kara Caradas on February 18, 2019  7:16 pm Reply

    This is awesome! Such a fab competition!

    The 5 places I'd love to visit in the US are Seattle, Portland and Chicago (for the food and the shopping), Colorado (for the mountains) and New Orleans (because it's just my fave).


    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:06 am Reply

      Ooo good shout. Colorado looks awesome – I'd like to go there too. And great shouts on the other ones. Think you'd love Chicago!

  8. by Sian Lloyd on February 18, 2019  8:49 pm Reply

    That planner is such an amazing idea.
    I am so desperate to return to USA! I have a potential trio in planning so I'm super excited. My top five USA destinations of choice would be Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, Nashville and of course, UTAH! Such an amazing part of the world and I cant wait to return.


    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:05 am Reply

      Oh that would be SO much fun to go with two friends. Amazing choices. Utah just looks incredible doesn't it. The seed is growing in my mind!

  9. by Emma Jacobs on February 18, 2019  8:50 pm Reply

    Wow!! What a fab website, I’ve never seen an American itinerary planner... what a great idea! I’d love to visit the USA and below are the 5 places I’d love to visit:

    • Memphis (for the music)
    • California (beaches)
    • Chicago
    • Vegas (to win some dollar)
    • San Francisco

    I’d love to visit other places within America but these are definitely on the top of the list... I did mention a couple of reasons with them also.

    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:04 am Reply

      Such a good and detailed tool isn't it? Must've taken AGES to put together!

      So lucky to be able to say this but I've been to all of those, and they're all amazing. Favourites would have to be California in general, and then Chicago is amazing. Hope you get to visit them sometime soon!

  10. by Rose on February 18, 2019  11:58 pm Reply

    I like the look of this tool - the US is so massive and I honestly feel like I don’t know where to start with my road trip (which me and my best friend have been saying we’ll do forever and it’s well overdue!) so a planner would be soo good. There are just so many places in the US but I would say my 5 would be: New York, Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco and Texas. They all seem interesting I’m different ways!

    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:02 am Reply

      So many places to go when you really start looking at the US, isn't there? There really is a place for everyone there, with so much to see and do. When I realised I'd spent over a year in the US I was surprised, but then, yeah, so much to see and do there I could do another one easily!

  11. by Emily Ray on February 19, 2019  8:30 am Reply

    Well this is a blumming fabulous tool. I've had WAY too much fun planning imaginary trips... These are my 5!

    New Orleans

    I want to see more of the not-as-frequently-visited parts of America, and take in all the history, colour and vibrancy! And manatees, hence why Miami's in there. <3


    • by VickyFlipFlop on February 20, 2019  11:00 am Reply

      Good isn't it? I'd always harboured this want to go to Utah, and now since fiddling with the trip planner I keep thinking about it. It looks sooooo good.

      Also, Charleston and Charlotte: YES!

  12. by Peter Watson on February 20, 2019  11:58 am Reply

    I would go on a West Coast trip.I have always wanted to visit that part of the USA since the late 1960s.

    Start at

    San Diego then off to

    Los Angeles then a visit to

    Yosemite National Park then off to

    San Francisco ending up in the great city of



  13. by Warren Jacobs on February 20, 2019  12:57 pm Reply

    Great little planner.
    I've always wanted to go to New England, so my itinerary would be New York, New England, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky for a (mostly) rural sweep through north-eastern USA

  14. by Elaine Hamilton on February 20, 2019  7:46 pm Reply

    New York

  15. by Elaine Alexander on February 20, 2019  8:42 pm Reply

    I have visited a few places on the West Coast of America - I've been to Boston and New York on the East Coast so the five places on my bucket list that I would really like to see in America are -

    Washington DC
    New England

  16. by Ian on February 20, 2019  9:49 pm Reply

    My top 5 places to visit would be
    New York

  17. by Karen Day on February 21, 2019  5:05 am Reply

    I would like to visit Hawaii,Forida,California,Vegas,San francisco #WanderlustWish Exellent planner it really makes trip planning much easier.

  18. by Darrell Perry on February 23, 2019  4:08 am Reply


    Have only made one road trip in the US and that was quite a small one. Went from San Diego up to San Francisco in a blue mustang convertible.

    My next one will be longer. I plan to start in Chicago to St Louis to Kansas to Denver to Las Vegas. Not decided yet whether to hire a car again or go by motorbike

  19. by Ruth Harwood on February 24, 2019  12:20 pm Reply

    would love to visit NY the city that never sleeps! Would also like to visit Charlotte, Austin and Orlando - really wanna go out in the everglades and see the wildlife!

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