Eating My Way Around Bohinj and Savice, Slovenia

There wasn’t much in the way of food in Bohinj in Slovenia. It had all the mountain views and fresh air I could wish for, but for some of that sauerkraut I was desperate for I had to make my way into the next village, Savice.

It was only about two miles away, but seeing as it was dark the walk across the field and along a road with a super fast car every minute or so wasn’t the best experience of my life, until I looked up that is. Then the experience started to rank up there – there was a blanket of stars shining in the black sky. There were no street lights, road signs or flashing city lights to ruin it, and you could pick out the plough and even the North Star. Well, so I was told. I’m literally useless at astronomy. Gastronomy’s more my thing…

Wursts, sauerkraut and buckwheat

The first restaurant we found was called Hotel Tripic and between me and my four travelling chums we had quite the feast in here with wursts, sauerkraut, meaty soups and cheesey pork. Of course, it was all washed down with plenty of Pivo and Cvicek and they gave us a few schnapps shots to knock it back too. Seeing as we spent all evening in there filling our bellies ravenous from skiing all day.

The service was so good in here with the rude-but-in-a-funny-way waiter who shared the same sense of humour as us, and the food was so delicious, and the menu so suggestive, we ended up coming here on the last night too. This was when the boys opted for the all out meat feast – complete with every animal under the sun. I had a piece of pork stuffed with cheese with some fries round the edge: stuffed.

Bohinj cheese, sauerkraut and potato skins

Mmmmm, I love Sauerkraut in Germany and Eastern Europe. They just make it so much better than anywhere in England that I’ve experienced. It’s perfectly pickled and just about wet enough. I ordered a side portion in the new Savice restaurant Strudl and then a main of the locally produced Bohinj cheese, which was a tastier, thicker version of cottage cheese along with some potato skins. The potato skins I ordered turned out to be four actual mini jacket potatoes, so I just had the one and mixed the cheese with the sauerkraut so the heat of the cabbage melted the cheese. Mmmm, my mouth is watering.

This was all knocked back with a ‘Smile’ beer, which tasted a bit like Corona and a selection of the local Schnapps’, which seemed to get better as the night went on. Apart from the xxx one, that stayed repulsive right to the very end.

Local cheese, meats, bread, mustard

On the third night we gathered a feast from the local shop in Bohinj – we spent so much the owner gave us a shot of Jagermeister each while we were deciding what to get. You don’t get that in Sainsbury’s.

Eating in Slovenia

We got cheese, salami, gammon, bread, pasta, tomatoes, mustard – I swear mustard found in Eastern Europe is better than anywhere else – sweets, milka chocolate, Jagermeister and lots and lots of beer and wine to get us through the night. We were exhausted from skiing up at Vogel Ski Centre so just decided to get in our pyjamas and hang out in our apartment. The boys cooked up the feast while me and Chloe just relaxed in the lounge… ahh this is the best way to enjoy eating. The food was delicious. The best thing about skiing is being able to eat everything you want to and not feel guilty, I loved it.

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