Up the Empire State Building

Famous for it’s appearance in King Kong, Sleepless in Seattle and as the place where good old Alex proposed to my friend Jenny, I thought I’d check out the Empire State Building while I was in New York.

I’ve been before, back when I went to New York at 18, and it turns out the experience had stayed the same. But, can you really ever get enough of this view?

Photos of the Empire State Building

Drink and dinner

We started our trip with a local beer in the Heartland Brewery downstairs and next door to relax after our walk from 100th Street where we were staying, to 34th Street where the Empire State Building is located. On a side note, if you have the time, I’d definitely recommend the bar. We ended up going back in for dinner after we’d been up the tower.

While we were in there, from 7:30ish to 9, we saw the queue for the Empire State Building grow to wrap around the bar, whereas we’d walked straight in. Because of this, I’d definitely recommend avoiding these times if you can.

Photos of the Empire State Building

New York Pass

We visited at 6:30pm intending to be up there as the sun went down, during the ‘Golden Hour’. And as you can see, my photos definitely benefitted from it.

We picked up some NYC passes from nycgo.com, which meant we could get through in a special queue. The passes also meant we go a discount on six other attractions in New York too.

With the NYC pass you can do one visit to the Empire State Building in the day, and another later on the same day, I’m guessing that this could be to blame for the epic queues actually.

Photos of the Empire State Building.jpg

Up the Empire State Building

In the end we queued for around 30 minutes, but thanks to a friendly and chatty American from Florida in front of us, the time soon passed. Admiring the decoration inside the Empire State Building took up a few minutes too.

With the NYC pass we also got a free audio tour to give a bit more context to the trip. As we shot up over 80 floors in the lift I listened to the sound of them building the tower and also found out that it only took one year and 45 days to build the 102 floors and 1,454 feet. Couldn’t believe it.

Photos of the Empire State Building

Once we reached the top of the lift we transferred to another lift for the final six floors. Very soon, we’d made it. We were on top of the Empire State Building.

We got out on the platform and I was pretty much blown away, mostly by the wind, but also by the view, to use a cheesy phrase.

Not too sure how that lock of hair escaped so ferociously though.

Photos of the Empire State Building

It was so cold and windy I was scared to hold my phone over the edge, but at the same time I couldn’t resist. It was a beautifully clear night and you could see for miles – the colours and the buildings were incredible.

I lasted about ten minutes on the platform before I had to go inside and watch the rest of the sunset from in there.

Photos of the Empire State Building

If our stomach’s weren’t growling so much we’d have never left, but the New York steaks were calling and we started out descent.

All in all we were up there for about 45 minutes, plus another 45 minutes to get in and out. The Empire State Building is a New York icon, and a definite must if you’re visiting the Big Apple, no matter what number visit you’re on.

I was given a complimentary New York pass from nycgo.com, but all views are my own. 

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    Hahhha, WHAT is going on with your hair!

    • by Vicky on October 25, 2014  10:49 pm Reply

      I know, crazy innit!

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