The Evolution of the Smartwatch

The evolution in the advancement of smartwatches since 1999 is incredible. Over 141 million unit sales are expected to be made in 2018 – crazy! And the market for this smart wearable device is expected to rise, with an estimate of 81 million shipments by 2021.

What is a smartwatch?

Smartwatches are wearable devices, worn around the wrist just like a wristwatch but they’re as smart as a computer. Some of the outstanding features of the device include GPS tracking with maps and directions, health and fitness tracking, and managing calls (incoming, outgoing and video).

The Evolution of the SmartWatch

Smartwatches can coordinate through an app in a smartphone via Bluetooth. While some of these apps can run with the mobile operating system, others make use of a watch OS. This feature enables showcasing data such as SMS messages, calendar invites, emails and other data available through relevant apps. In 2017, an advanced hyper targeting module was introduced making the smartwatch even smarter.

What exactly can you do with a smartwatch?

Smartphones today can be used for carrying out travel plans too. From the home screen of your smartwatch you can check flight updates, book hotels, track flights (arrival, departure, gate information), check seating plans, find local restaurants, find exchange rates, get weather updates, book a taxi, translate a language, make video calls, open a hotel room, and operate Google Slides.

The potential of smartwatches is just insane.

Which smartwatch do you buy?

Many top brands are manufacturing smartwatches today with Apple and Samsung leading the way. Other key players include Fitbit, Garmin, Pebble, LG and Huawei besides Lenovo, Mobwoi, Casio and Polar.

Apple is the star of the smartwatch market though; there’s no doubt about it. Apple’s operating system – WatchOS – is the most widely used smart wristwear operating system in the world. Although Samsung is expected to take its place by 2020. However, Apple is shipping more smartwatches than any other. In 2017, it shipped more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry.

The future of the smartwatch

The future looks great for smartwatches. They’re predicted to be the ultimate gadget of the future and some say will replace mobile technology. 

Apple Watch Series 4 is the prime example – it’s the most fully featured watch to have arrived in the market. You need one in your life! 

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