I’m off to Russia today. I’m flying into Moscow to do a cruise with Gvidon tours along the canals and rivers up to St Petersburg for two weeks. Well, 10 days of cruising and two either side to check out the big cities.

Here’s the route…

Cruise in Russia

I’ve never done a cruise before. I recently learnt it’s the fastest growing sector of travel so I’m intrigued to see what all the fuss is about.

I’ve also never been to Russia, or even had a Russian friend.

I’m expecting fabulously rich and glamorous Russians knocking back vodka at breakfast and loudly discussing the works of Dostoevsky by night. Or at least to check out the truth behind these stereotypes.

I’m staying in a super plush junior suite on the boat, and I’ll be taking part in ‘all the activities’. Exciting, and possibly unnerving?

Life got crazy

If you’ve been following my adventures recently you’ll see that my life got ridiculous. In the last five weeks I’ve been in India, London for my bezzas birthday, Spain for TBEX, Israel on an incredible press trip, organised my other bezzas hen party which involved aerial extreme, a pub quiz and a 90s party, spent 24 hours in Paris on a special mission, and today, a 5 hour flight to Russia.

That’s over 30 hours on flights, 20 hours on trains, a lot of new, old and brilliant people, and a whole lot of bad-for-you food and drink.

I’ve also written 19 blog posts, answered 100s of emails, read and deleted countless more and filed over 100 hours of work for freelance clients.

But there’s still so much more to do!

I’m not complaining…

I just feel bleugh.

I’m exhausted, my skin looks shocking, I’ve pretty much drank alcohol every day for 5 weeks, have put on weight and developed devious dark circles under my eyes. My bread consumption has gone back up and my sleeping pattern is awful – unable to sleep for long for worry of not waking up on time or the panic of how much I have to do. I’ve become one of those people who’s addicted to coffee rather than just enjoying if every now and then. In short, I look rough as a badgers arse.

But Russia will be awesome

Of course I’m going to throw myself into experiencing my Russia trip to its full extent but hope I can use the time to enjoy good sleeps bobbing on the water, the morning exercise regime and the healthy dishes on the buffet rather than tucking into those delicious fatty carbs.

So I should probably not eat this delicious looking burrito from Manchester Airport?

After this: my body is a temple. A beautiful Russian one – shaped a bit like a dome on the St Basil’s Cathedral above.

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