I was like a kid at Christmas this morning, I was awake at 5.30 desperate to go see the city again. Managed to hold on till 7.30 when I woke Waiel up and we went for breakfast before taking the beach walk into the city. The boys were out in force with their footballs on the beach but barely any girls were to be seen. Are they all at home cooking?

Beautiful Tangier beach

We got to the markets and this guy was talking to us, asking us where we were from etc. I didn’t know whether he was genuinely interested or trying to sell us a tour, anyway ten minutes later with him following us up the street Waiel go annoyed, said something in Arabic and he went. He kept going on about the Medina, the area where the streets are small and scary so we reckon he gets tourists, takes them down there and his mates rob them. We went to see the Tangier fish market…

Tangier fish market

It was really, truly amazing. The fish were huge and there was a crazy spirit in there with them all trying to sell stuff.

Things to do in Tangier

We went to the centre of the market for more tea and coffee. It was great for people watching, and the toilets were interesting. Apparently Arabic cultures aren’t that into toilet paper so there was a hose/shower to spray up your bum after a poo, like a bday type thing, very interesting. Had more of a walk around the markets, went to the fish market that was incredible.

Amazing food markets in Morocco

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Off to Tangier, Morocco!