The Best Festival Onesies

Love ’em or hate ’em, if you’re going to any festivals this summer you’ll be surrounded by onesies. So I say if you can’t beat them join them and get in on the action. I’ve had two thoroughly enjoyable onesie experiences; a Dalmatian creation for my first Glastonbury and a giraffe when I went to a fancy dress party in Iceland. I don’t think I can recommend them enough.

Here are my favourite festival onesies separated by the online outlet, enjoy…

Oh my days, you can get a Max onesie from Where the Wild Things Are. If I saw someone wearing this onesie at a festival I think I’d have to make them my best friend, or at least give the lambswool fabric a hug. They’ve got loads of great festival onesies on here and you can even build your own based on the available designs and fabrics.

Amazing onesies for festivals

Love these guys’ festival onesie offerings. All the onesies are unique and made to order from 100% antipil polar fleece fabric –  warm to wear and easy to wash. The soft fleece fabric is available in a variety of colours and prints and if they don’t have the design you want you can just email them to get it made.

festival onesies

There are always some beauts available on eBay, in fact this is where I got my giraffe one from. Take a look at the

Just make sure you check the reviews and the postage price and you could land yourself a bargain my friend.

This unicorn onesie from ASOS would be pretty cool at a festival, and I’ve never seen it before – always a good thing. Quite steep at £45, but you can always keep an eye out on eBay or Amazon for a cheaper version, now you know it exists. ASOS have got a few more to offer – most of them look quite chavvy, but there are definitely a few onesies good for festivals on their books.

ASOS unicorn onesie

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  1. by Arianwen on July 14, 2013  10:56 am Reply

    Oh man! I want one! Some of my Sydney friends had a onesie party this weekend and I'm missing it. Totally gutted!

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