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Guide to Field Day Festival

Really enjoyed Field Day this year. The whole festival seemed a lot more relaxed than last year and stayed closer to its hipster roots of sharing creativity, rather than putting a price on everything.

Last year at Field Day they rifled through everything you wanted to take in. One friend got her sealed water taken off her, another had her chocolate bars confiscated and the grassy area outside the gates was filled with people trying to gorge on their picnics they’d been prohibited from taking in.

This year I strolled through the gates with a hipflask down one boot and a few miniatures down the other – they didn’t even look in my bag never mind my boot. We were off to a good start.

Checking the Field Day Line Up

They were selling programmes for £5 on the door, but we knew from last year’s experience that there was a newspaper with the full line up in a handy graph just another few steps away – we grabbed one of them to keep us on track.

When we arrived at 1 the queue was non-existent so flying high from the 50/50 bottle of rum and coke we’d just downed we decided to check out the lunch situation. After the initial disappointment of no Bodean’s truck like last year, we settled on a pulled pork with crackling and apple sauce sandwich and scoffed it in the sun. Delicious.

Amateur Best were on at 2 so we made our way to the stage via the bar for a wine and beer (£5/£4.50). We were right at the front and Amateur Best came out with huge smiles. They were so cute and lovely. They played all the favourites including Be Happy and Too Much and their catchy new song too. The lead singer was amazing – don’t know where he kept getting his instruments from but from kazoos to trumpets he could play them all. Seeing them live has definitely made me like them more.

Field Day Carnival

Next up was How to Dress Well and we got there early to secure a good spot. He came out, bigged up Primavera and dissed Ryanair then started his set. It made me sad. The sound technicians just couldn’t get it right for him. We could hear the music – which was great – but not his singing. At one point the audience united in telling him to turn his mike up, and he gestured to his technicians but it was never quite right. So many people turned up to see him, but they were pushing past us in droves to get out.

When he was done we made our way to the other side of the festival to check out Savages on my boyfriend’s recommendation. By the time we’d got a drink from the bar – which included a free sampler of Desperados – and made our way to the tent, we literally heard the last bar of music and it was all over.

Field Day was filling up

Field Day 2013

5:05pm was the big moment for me; Solange was taking to the main stage for her set. It was 4:35 and we decided to go to the toilet, so we were ready to enjoy Beyonce’s sister with everything we had. By the time we’d got to the front of the toilet queue it was exactly 5:05 – possibly the longest I’ve ever queued to empty my bladder. We ran across to the main stage and made it in time for the opening bars of Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work. She was great. She looked brilliantly OTT, sounded perfect and just seemed to be having a brilliant time up there. Her singing Losing You was definitely a highlight of my Field Day 2013.

Another 30-minute trip to the bar, and the toilet, and we managed to catch the end of Connan Mockasin. Next up was Daughter – a definite firm favourite of mine that did really well, again despite a few sound issues.

Decided to take a break for a snack before the big one of Four Tet back on the main stage and went for a pizza and a hot dog to share (not doing too well with my London Triathlon training!). They were tasty and quick and fuelled us for Four Tet. They were so cool. They threw these balls into the crowd and we were all going mad to touch them.

Field Day Four Tet

We decided to leave after this: no fault of Field Day’s we just had some really good friends who were making a rare trip to London that night.

All in all I had a brilliant time at Field Day. Very sad that I had to miss Francois and the Atlas Mountains, Chvurches, Disclosure and TNGHT but the inevitable clash meant I had to miss out on a few of my line up toppers.

It was a huge improvement on Field Day 2012, but in my opinion and that of a few friends who went they need a lot more toilets, one more bar, and it’ll be one of the best day festivals in the UK.

“It was really good, but I didn’t see as much as I wanted to as I was queueing for drinks and the toilet so much”

– Fiona Forman, a friend who I didn’t actually go with, but in short shared the same review.

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Sunday 21st of July 2013

Love this post, I really like the picture of the swings, they are so whimsical and captivating!

A Golden State of Mind


Tuesday 23rd of July 2013

Thankyou. Awesome photos aren't they? I have to confess that my boyfriend took them though - he's so nifty on his iPhone.