First Ever Bikini Flyfishers at the Hungry Trout Resort

A quick Google search for ‘fly fishing attire’ brought up some pretty funny / risque photos while my friends and I were at the airport in Montreal, awaiting our ride to the Adirondacks. So, naturally, we decided we’d have to recreate them. If you don’t want to Google it, just imagine some blonde girl in rolled down waders with a bikini on and the fly fishing hook pulling up her pants at the back.

Yeah, that was actually the look I was going for – not the huge bum, big belly profile you see below.

Flyfishing in a bikini

Any regular followers of my blog will know that this not normally the kind of thing I go in for, but I was with Jayme from The Blonde Side and Erin from The World Wanderer. All of a sudden it seemed perfectly natural to want to stand in the rain in a bikini where others would wear waterproof jackets, and to roll down the front flap for ‘the selfies’.

The local verdict

Fly fishing at the Hungry Trout in Adirondacks

Our guide Matt, who I could tell within a few minutes of meeting us had pretty low expectations, told us, in your best New York accent:

“I’ve been fly fishing for a long time, and I’ve got a lot of friends, and no one has ever showed up to do it in their bikinis.”

We were at the Hungry Trout Fly Fishing Center, there for a beginner’s lesson and to hopefully catch some trout for dinner. I was planning on catching the biggest fish ever, ever.

bikini fly fishing

Matt told me I was a natural, felt pretty proud, especially when he told one of my fellow fly fishers she was “too robotic”. Maybe I’ve missed my calling in life.

As we practised our fly fishing whipping motion on the lawn next to the road, one cyclist called out as he passed, “It’s all in the wrist”. Cheers dude.

There was time for a quick photo with the owner before we packed up our flies and rods and waded our way down to the water’s edge – he was confused about the outfits too.

Fly fishing, or not

Fly fishing in the Ausable River

Fly fishing seems like a lot of standing around doing nothing but flicking your wrist. The three of us lasted about 30 minutes, without catching anything, before we called it quits. I’d assume there was too much noise, too many camera flashes and not enough patience for us to even wheel in a tiddler.

I tried my best, but in the rain, in my bikini, my determination didn’t last long.

Cliff diving, or not

Fly fishing at Hungry Trout

We decided to go to a popular cliff diving spot nearby. But then none of us wanted to actually jump.

Instead, we waded in, like we were meant to do at the fishing spot, for the photo opportunities. What happened next was a tad exciting. The pressure underwater forces the trousers to suck in, making me feel like I was having some sort of spa wrap. My legs felt thinner and it was actually all cosy and warm in the cold water. I felt strong and powerful being in the river with big boots, knowing that I wouldn’t smash my feet on spikey rocks, as I normally would in a situation like this.

– Photo by Jess Collier

Fly fishing at Hungry Trout

Fly fishing with Hungry Trout

The fly fishing experience at Hungry Trout was a lot of fun. Granted we didn’t catch anything, or even do much actual fly fishing but thanks to Matt, Jayme and Erin it was another day in the Adirondacks to remember.

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  1. by Erin on August 20, 2015  3:21 pm Reply

    Haha, the perfect recap of our fly fishing experience - all in all, I'd say it was a success, no? Thanks for not calling me out as the robotic one, you really were a natural!

    • by Vicky on August 25, 2015  8:31 am Reply

      Ha, you just ousted yourself there Erin!

  2. by Emily on August 21, 2015  8:56 pm Reply

    Ha, that's awesome that you tried fly fishing...super "american" of you! I never have tried, since it requires the use of both hands simultaneously,and I always reserve one hand for beer holding, when fishing.

    • by Vicky on August 25, 2015  8:23 am Reply

      We were definitely missing a few beers when we were down at the waters edge. I think you can buy a hat that holds your beer and then funnels it down a tube to your mouth – could be an option?

  3. by Cailin on August 29, 2015  2:25 pm Reply

    I kind of wish I got to rock the bikini fly fishing with you guys now! Next time!! Also fingers crossed one of us actually catches something next time too! lol

    • by Vicky on August 31, 2015  9:24 am Reply

      Ha, I don't think I'll be doing it bikini-style again. That was definitely a once in a lifetime experience :)

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