Five Cool Theme Parks I Really Want to See in Japan

As you know, I’m going to Japan in January, or Japanuary. So excited. I’ve known for a while that I was going to go but before I started researching I just didn’t realise how long I’d be going for. Five weeks sounds like a long time but I can guarantee that it won’t be long enough. I want to be fully prepared with all the fun things I know there are to do so that I don’t waste any time while I’m there.

When I was in Australia in February 2014 I went to a theme park. The first time in years. Loved it, kind of. It’s such a buzz when you get off the ride but I definitely don’t recommend downing a huge latte then going on a spinny one. Bleugh. When I’m in Japan I’m going to see how they do theme parks – thrills and offbeat themes mixed together with a bit of Japanese creativity? Sure I’m going to love them.

I’ve listed the price and the nearest point based on my itinerary.

1. Universal Studios

cool theme parks in Japan

My friend went to Universal Studios in Orlando for Christmas. She’s obsessed with Harry Potter and her trip (her honeymoon!) is actually to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter more than the rest of the park. I’m waiting to see what she thinks, but I’m definitely tempted by Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. In Japan you can hang out at Hagrid’s hut, go on the Flight of the Hippogriff Rollercoaster and chill out in the village of Hogsmeade. The park is also Hello Kitty crazy, of course.

Osaka (40mins), 7000¥ / £37

2. Azuchi Momoyama Bunka Mura (samurai theme park)

Now this one is unique. A whole theme park about the Azuchi Momoyama period of Japanese history – when the Samurai ruled Japan. So it’s cultural and fun all rolled into one, that’s the way I like to learn. Inside I’ll find a ninja museum, a ninja’s maze, a monster mansion and a ghost temple, among other attractions. I’d be most excited about the daily geisha drama, samurai show and ninja action performance though. 

Osaka (3 hours), 3900¥ / £20.88

3. Tokyo Disney Land

cool theme parks in japan

I love Euro Disney, I’ve been three times and to sound cheesy, it’s magical. The first time I went was before Christmas with my family when I was about 8 and I’ve never forgotten it. I’m definitely going to go to Disney Land in Tokyo – I just feel like it will be that little bit more barmy, a little more over the top and so just brilliant. Oo just looked at the website and when I’m there there’ll be a special Frozen event with Anna, Elsa and Olaf. Ahh! I mean, not that I watch that kind of thing. There’s also loads of cool shows and attractions to check out too.

Tokyo (1 hour), ¥6,400 / £34.32

4. Toei Uzumasa Eigamura aka Kyoto Studio Park

Styled as a small town from the Edo Period the Kyoto Studio Park is often used as a backdrop for films and TV dramas. Go to the park and you’re free to wander around. If there’s a filming you’re in luck as you can stay and watch. There’s a replica of the old Nihonbashi Bridge, a traditional court house, a Meiji Period police box and part of the former Yoshiwara red light district. People even dress up to wander around the park. 

Kyoto (25 mins), 2,200¥ / £11.80

5. Fuji Q Highland

cool theme parks in japan

Located near the impressive Mount Fuji, Fuji-Q Highland is known for having the best rollercoasters in Japan. As you’d expect with Japan a lot of the rides are anime themed and the creators are always trying to beat world records so new rides are built and old ones are improved as much as possible. There’s also an ice skating rink I’d be keen to have a go on. There’s even an area based on Thomas the Tank Engine – nice to have a taste of home.

Tokyo (2hr 30), 5,200¥ / £27.80

Other cool theme parks in Japan

(that I probably won’t get to)

  • Spain Mura: sounds bizarre, a whole theme park based on Spain. Not sure how you have a ‘Spanish rollercoaster’ but I guess all the fun is in finding out.
  • Huis Ten Bosch: equally bizarre, a whole theme park based on a Dutch Town. It’s divided into a free part and a paid part and is filled with canals, windmills, gardens and architecture.
  • Spa Resort Hawaiians: this place is like a big water park themed on Hawaii. You can enjoy the show and take a Hawaiian dance class afterwards, bathe in the natural spring park or just chill out on a deck chair.
A Bizarre Maid Cafe Experience in Tokyo
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  1. by Dana (@WantedAdventure) on December 23, 2014  11:11 am Reply

    I LOVE Universal Studios in Orlando. I grew up in South Florida and it was my all-time fav theme park -- I went over and over and over again :D I had no idea there was one in Japan! Would be awesome to visit that and see the similarities and differences. Fun list! Hope you get to see them all!!

    • by Vicky on December 24, 2014  11:33 am Reply

      Thanks Dana, me too! I remember when childhood friends would go to Florida and I was so jealous, well excited to be going to the one in Japan. I hope I get to see and do them all too :)

  2. by Charlie on December 24, 2014  9:13 am Reply

    If I could only visit one I'd go for the samurai theme park. Sounds really interesting and you can't really get more Japanese!

    • by Vicky on December 24, 2014  11:30 am Reply

      Yeah, that's what I was thinking. The others are very commercial and can be seen all over the world – that one is very unique. I'll let you know how I get on!

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