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The Many Faces of Learning to Flyboard

Yesterday I flew. Flew like a bird, albeit a jet propelled one. I was like something out of the Jetsons, like Buzz Lightyear, like… the future!

I hovered up to two metres above the sea and zig zagged my way across the surface alternating between pressure on my toes and heels to keep steady. I learnt how to do 360s and I even attempted a graceful dolphin move – totally belly flopped it, obviously.

But along the way to sweet flying freedom there was a learning process that I realised had totally taken itself out on my face when I got my photos back. If you’d have asked me after the lesson I would’ve sworn I was smiling the whole time, but these photos tell a different story…

Before I was even airborne

Flyboarding With Vallarta Adventures

Vallarta Adventures, based in Nuevo Vallarta about 30 minutes from San Pancho, had invited me down to try their latest activity addition, flyboarding. Yes, puh-lease!

I arrived at my allotted time and met Benjamin and the crew who’d be taking me out to fly. After a quick safety briefing, a Q&A about my health and fitness (err, yeah) and a change into the sexy shorts wetsuit and lifejacket, I was ready for take off.

The boat took us about 10 minutes across the ocean to the flying ground and Benjamin followed along on his jet ski.

Next minute I was strapped into the boots – imagine a snowboard – and ready to go. All I had to remember was to keep my legs locked and straight.

Kind of getting it

Instructions for fly boarding

  1. Roll over in the water so you’re facing down.
  2. Position yourself so your feet are straight down and lock your legs.
  3. Prepare yourself mentally.
  4. Give the thumbs up.
  5. Prepare for take off.

When you’re flying it’s all in the toes and heels to keep you going, and if you want to move you can direct yourself by looking that way and putting your weight on the foot of the direction you want to go in. That’s kind of all there is to it, apart from the balance.

Getting confident

“To infinity, and beyond!”

I got 30 minutes of flight time alongside instruction. After an initial problem with going the way he told me, and overcompensating on my toes and heels, which leads to falling off, I managed to get into it and I was a flyboard master, kind of.

One of my favourite things about the lesson was when you need to get back to the platform if you’ve gone off course. All you need to do is lie in the water facing forwards and Benjamin starts the jets to propel you along like the Little Mermaid in rush hour.

Getting cocky

It’s the sense of power that sucked me in. I was flying! I could go anywhere, do anything… so long as it was in a 10 metre radius of Benjamin on his jet ski that is.

Flyboarding with Vallarta Adventures
Me flyboarding

Flyboarding with Vallarta Adventures was brilliant. I felt safe and Bejamin explained everything to me in detail before we went out, and again when I had the jetpack on my feet. It’s difficult to say because you don’t know how good you’ll be, but if I had the money I’d definitely recommend doing a back to back lesson. I was just getting started!

I’m definitely going to do it again one day, somewhere, somehow.

And that’s the look of someone who knows how to flyboard, read it and weep my friends.

Enjoy a 90-minute flyboarding experience with Vallarta Adventures from ¢115 (£71), photos ¢45 (£27). 

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Sunday 26th of October 2014

Haha, your face when you're trying to stand up is hilarious! Did you find it difficult? It must be hard to balance on a board on water – surely?


Sunday 26th of October 2014

It was quite difficult at first – just to get my balance. But once you understood how your feet affected where you went it was easier. I'll be amazing next time I try it :)


Saturday 25th of October 2014

Love these photos Vicky – I've never heard of this before but looks like you had a great time. I'm definitely going to look out for this in the future on my trips!


Saturday 25th of October 2014

It was such a good few hours. I really, really want to do it again though. Definitely just getting started. And yeah, you should give it a go asap!

Jodie Young

Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

Glad you finally got to do this (I remember how gutted we were in Oz when it got cancelled). It looks like so much fun!


Saturday 25th of October 2014

Ah it was so cool! Yeah, I was thinking of us guys in Oz. I really think you'd love it – try and find somewhere on your next trip :)