Friday Favourites… from Edinburgh

I read so many Friday Favourite blog posts that I thought I’d start my own, and see if I remember to keep it up. And maybe even do it on a Friday one day.

Edinburgh January

It’s been a fabulous start to 2016, what with Edinburgh and Skye and all. Right now I’m super happy with life, drinking peppermint tea in my hotel in Grenoble, France. I’m getting ready to meet up with some excellent blogger friends for a ski trip to Tignes this afternoon, with Mark Warner Holidays.

But that’s the future, this, is my past…

1. Travel

Hogmanay fireworks

I hate it when people say ‘mind blowing’ or ‘breathtaking’ in a non ironic way. Has anything good actually ever been either? But, I feel like I want to describe my Hogmanay week in Edinburgh, and the few days in Skye as both. In fact as all the positive hyperboles you could ever think of without using Google search, or a thesaurus if you were born circa pre-1990.

Both Edinburgh and Skye are so close, and so brilliant, I know I’ll go back, most likely this year. The scenery, the food, the gin, the whisky and the people in both have kicked off 2016 with a pretty schweet start.

There was a point during the epic fireworks where I was all overcome with how brilliant it all was. For real.

2. Breakfast

Kipper breakfast Scotland

I’ve had way too many good breakfasts this week, for someone who started the year with a ‘vow of healthy choices’. That didn’t even last a morning – I saw the year in with a breakfast butty from BBQ restaurant OX184.

My favourite breakfast this week, stay on theme FlipFlop, had to be the kipper special at The Bonham Hotel. I love a good kipper, even though they stink. The waitress asked me if I was by myself, to which the answer was ‘yes’ for that particular morning, and what I’d like, ‘kippers’. The look she gave me suggested that the two things were related.

Anyway, kippers from The Bonham, dooooo it.

3. Shop

Friday Favourites

Seem to have splurged a little this week. Oops. Not my fault, so many sales on. I got this hat from Oliver Bonas in the sale half price and love it with all my heart. Along with the fleece-lined leggings (ooo, so soft) I bought from Primark I’m going to be snug as a smug pug lazing on a rug by an open fire, on the slopes next week.

I also forgot to pack enough socks, despite having 5000 pairs at Christmas. So Primark got a few quid out of me there too. Had a quick haul in PC World with an external hard drive – so paranoid about losing my photos on my current one, time to double back up –  I bought a little Berry coloured 1TB My Passport Hard Drive, perfect for the job and fits neatly in my bag. Also bought a GoPro portable battery charger seeing as I forgot the lead and want to catch my epic tricks (?) down the slopes next week. I felt better about life as soon as all three of those things were in the bag.

So, sorry, favourites, not a full list, my hat was my favourite here.

4. Watch

Obviously my friend Joe Allam’s drive lapse of our time in Florida. That boy’s got skills. Love how many people are asking what we got pulled over for.

They should’ve made those construction zone signs more obvious. Could’ve been $600 down the swanny there. 

5. Wear

One of my Instagram followers told me I was “killing the cold weather wardrobe game”. Possibly my favourite comment I’ve ever received in the three-ish years I’ve been on there. I love my little fluffy jacket.

Maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but my mum actually bought it me about two or three years ago. I’ve worn it so much in so many winter months, in so many countries and it’s still going strong. The hood was like a cocoon of warmth as I battled the winds of the Skye lookout points. The fact it has no arms means it’s not restrictive either, fits under my ski jacket and doesn’t beast up my bod even more. Definitely my favourite piece of winter clothing.

6. Read

This week I’ve read fellow travel blogger Lauren Juiliff’s How Not to Travel the World: Adventures of a Disaster-Prone Backpacker. It’s definitely made me feel better about my travel mishaps (which mainly include losing things, generally phones). She’s always getting injured, forgetting to book tickets and generally having some sort of travel trouble wherever she goes.

It’s also made me really want to go to Thailand, which was in the original plan for 2016 but might have been bumped for another ski trip.

Bah! I can’t decide.

7. Photography

I’ve been totally inspired by Emily Luxton, travel blogger / photographer extraordinaire this week. We were in Edinburgh together and her photos are just awesome. After speaking with a photographer friend he seemed to think my camera has that capability, it’s just user error. He said to try a different lens. Well, I bought one before Christmas and haven’t even got it out the box.

So watch out for awesome pics next week, hopefully. Luckily Emily is on this ski trip too, so I plan on just following her around and copying the settings on her camera all week. Cheers Em!

Meanwhile I’ve been loving the photos from my iPhone 6s, which was a little Christmas present for me, from me. Loving all my photos from the Isle of Skye, definitely worth the investment.

8. Listen

I’m going to SXSW in March! And I don’t know any of the bands from the first anno…

This week I have been mostly listening to this official SXSW Spotify playlist to get down with the kids, and to get away from the Beyoncé / Ed Sheeran / Christine and the Queens / Damien Jurado loop I seem to have found myself in.

On that note, did you know that if you sign up to Spotify on your iPhone it’s £12.99, but it’s £9.99 on the computer? Apple add a cut. Had to cancel my subscription and start again this month when I found out.


9. Fitness

Spinning on the Isle of Skye

I’ve felt so happy this week. I think it’s from being outside so much. Edinburgh has been a great city for just walking around – everywhere I needed to be was always less than 30 minutes away. I haven’t actually ‘done exercise’ but according to the step tracker on my iPhone I walked over 15k steps on 4 days last week, which is much more fun. I feel strong and content and ready for whatever the next week decides to bring.

How’s your first week of 2016 gone?

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  1. by Danielle on January 10, 2016  12:35 pm Reply

    Despite living in England my whole life, I've never even been to Scotland, let alone been in Edinburgh for Hogmanay which looks amazing! So jealous! Glad 2016 has got off to such a good start for you! :-)

    Danielle /

    • by Vicky on January 17, 2016  4:48 pm Reply

      Go! I'd only been for a quick weekend and the weather was bad, now I'm totally in love with the place though. Already been looking at going back at some point.

      Thanks, and I hope it's a good year for you so far, and to come!

  2. by Linzi on January 12, 2016  1:03 pm Reply

    A fab round-up for your first week of 2016! I know Edinburgh and Grenoble really well - both lovely places this time of year. I've also been over-spending at the sales, if it's reduced, it's a saving after all! I've also been working hard on my alternative New Year's resolutions - all about exploring and indulging without the deprivation and self-sacrifice. Appearing on my blog soon!

  3. by Vicky on January 17, 2016  4:50 pm Reply

    Good idea! January usually sucks because everyone's on some kind of health fix or deprivation schedule – maybe we should just go for it and indulge.

    I didn't really get to see Grenoble as it was straight off to Tignes for the skiing, but I loved it there. Hope you got yourself some bargains!

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