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Get Lost in Madrid and Find Yourself

Travelling is always a good idea, no matter when you go, how you travel, and which places you visit. People say that the magic of traveling goes beyond the travel itself, which is entirely accurate. The natural beauty of traveling resides in the fact that you enjoy the trip during the planning process every single day, when you finally arrive at the much-desired destination and when you remember any particular moment you lived during those beautiful days. 

Spain is one of the most chosen European countries for tourism, and in the year 2021, 12 million people from different parts of the world visited the peninsula. If you are not only thinking about traveling there but also want to learn its language and culture, just type “Spanish Course Madrid”  and find out the wide range of options that Madrid offers you to become an outstanding Spanish speaker.

We know that acquiring a different language may be difficult, but here you will come across a new way of learning that will ease your path toward becoming bilingual. Expanish is a famous language school that offers excellent Spanish teachers, courses that adapt to every student’s needs, and a funny environment where you will make friends. These new courses enable you to experience Spanish culture every second of your stay. 

Language tourism is the perfect combination of academic knowledge and the wisdom of the locals. Learning Spanish in a country that speaks that language will force you to practice even when you are not in class and, at the same time, will make you learn words, sayings, and expressions that you may not hear in a traditional classroom.So, what are you waiting for?

We know it is not everything about studying and learning. It is also about having fun and being amused by the great places that Madrid has to offer. The capital city of Spain has years of history, spaces full of nature, and a lively nightlife where you will enjoy passionate Spanish music and the most delicious dishes.

A bit of everything…

Suppose you like visiting museums and getting to know the city’s background. You should not miss the National Museum of Prado, the National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza, and the National Museum of Art Reina Sofía. Another exciting visit that you must do is the one at the Palacio Real de Madrid. This elegant palace is the biggest in western Europe and has 135 thousand square meters. We are sorry to tell you that the royal family does not live there and they only use that place for ceremonies and special events, so there are few possibilities that you can see the King. 

On the other hand, you can not say that you went to Madrid without visiting the iconic touristic place of La Puerta de Alcalá. This monument is located at the center of Independence Square and is one of the five royal doors that used to give access to the city. This famous door has a more elegant design on the outside and a simpler one inside to show every foreign person entering the marvelous city the fundamental importance of Madrid. We suggest you go day and night since the view of the monument changes completely.

Last but not least…

In our minds, we have traveled to beautiful Madrid; we have already visited exciting museums, a royal building, and even an ancient and gigantic door with years of history. So, what is next? Of course, Parque El Retiro.

Parque El Retiro is a green lung in the heart of the city, considered a World Heritage of UNESCO. The park has 125 hectares and about fifteen thousand trees. There you will find different gardens that show an Andalusian style, a vast collection of roses, and even the oldest tree in Madrid, which is 400 years old.

This natural place has the ideal combination of culture, nature, and sports. Thus, people can appreciate the fantastic architectural spots while others practice different water sports or just walk around nature and the old and majestic buildings. El Retiro is the favorite choice for tourists, locals, teenagers, and families. No matter your age or taste, you will go there and have a great time. 

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What should I know before going?

Suppose you are the kind of person that needs to organize everything in advance and get as much information about a place as possible. The following tips will be of enormous help.

  • Opening and closing time

Even though the park is open most of the day, you should know that during Spring and Summer, it opens from 6 am to 12 am, and during Autumn and Winter, it also opens at 6 am but closes at 10 pm.

  • Weather conditions

El Retiro, as well as other city parks, closes due to weather conditions. You can check this through the official Twitter account of the town.

  • Guided Tour

If you want to know every corner of the park and learn a little bit more about its history, you can take the new free tours. Yes, free. The only thing you have to do is register on the web page to make sure that you will get a place. 

As you can see, Madrid has everything to make your stay unforgettable. You will be able to visit beautiful places, go around the city’s lively streets, enjoy Spain’s passionate music and dance, eat a delicious paella, and discover Spain’s history and even its language

Traveling enriches your soul and mind and transforms you into a more empathetic and adventurous person. As you may know, nobody arrives home being precisely the same person that was before the trip, but do not worry; you will love your new “Spanish” version. ¡Adiós!