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You’ve Got Your Glastonbury Tickets: What Now?

So, your Glastonbury tickets are in the bank, you’ve read up on how to survive the best festival in the world and you’ve learned from my Glastonbury mistakes, what next?

When it comes to Glastonbury, you can never be too prepared, too early. For first timers I’d advise you to come up with a Glastonbury checklist to make sure you and your mates bring everything you need. You do not want to be stuck in that field without enough beer supplies, tried and tested wellies, or a warm sleeping bag, trust me. Make sure you’ve got the right clothing too – warm for the night, a nice women’s jacket or men’s hoody will serve you well.

If you and a few mates have got Glastonbury tickets you should also think about how you’re going to get there and what entrance and campsite you’re going to head for. I’ll stop talking, just check out my pics for more tips…

Glastonbury next steps

How to get ready for Glastonbury

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Once you've got your Glastonbury tickets

Glastonbury tickets: what next

Got your Glastonbury tickets? Time for comfy wellies

How to get ready for Glastonbury

Glastonbury tickets done

Glastonbury tickets: what next

Glastonbury tickets


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