Next Stop Taiwan: I Need Your Help!

I’ve got a few more days in Japan and then it’s Taiwan time for me!

On 9th February I’ll be arriving in this little country – that I don’t actually know anything about – and I’ll be there for two weeks. So far my plans include:

  • Going straight to Hengchun for the surf.
  • Being in Taipei for Chinese New Year on the 19th Feb.
  • And in Pingxu for the Lantern Festival on the 22nd Feb.

And that’s about it!

Help me!

I'm going to Taiwan

If you have any suggestions for things to do in Taiwan I’d be very grateful. I need places to stay, restaurants to eat in, activities to experience and sights to see.

Let me know in the comments section below, on Twitter @VickyFlipFlop or just send me an email at [email protected]

Photo © 2012 Dave Wilson

Thanking ya’ll in advance!

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  1. by Giulia Blocal on January 31, 2015  1:24 pm Reply

    hi Vicky, on my Taiwan bucket list I've noted a couple of ghost towns: San Zhi and Keelung City... Hope this helps! Enjoy Taiwan! :)

    • by Vicky on February 1, 2015  8:56 am Reply

      Wow, San Zhi looks amazing! Definitely going there, thank you!

  2. by Jayne on February 2, 2015  1:56 am Reply

    Vic, I know a bit about Taiwan. My top places to visit are:

    - Beitou Hot Springs - the natural springs are gorgeous but I also recommend you book in for a private bath session. The public ones get a bit crowded but you can book a private room at the spa, which comes with bath, shower, Japanese style dressing area and all the bits and bobs you need for a good scrub.

    - Taroko Gorge - for stunning scenery and hiking

    - Sun Moon Lake - turns up in tourism shots a lot but I wasn't that wowed - maybe spend a day there if passing through

    - Taipei is just awesome. You'll want to spend a couple of days visiting the temples and night markets, make sure you climb Elephant Peak for an awesome view and go to Juilfen for some tea. I've written a detailed post on my favourite things to do in Taipei. It also mentions a tour company who do excursions around Taiwan who I would highly recommend.


    • by Vicky on February 3, 2015  11:27 am Reply

      Amazing, thanks Jayne. I've definitely got a few days in Taipei at the end so I'll make sure to get to the temples and night markets. I've heard Taroko Gorge is a 'top thing to do' so I'll definitely look that up. And then two new ones to look at – thanks!

  3. by Dianne on February 6, 2015  1:26 am Reply

    Hi VIcky! I'm a new reader to your site and when I saw that your next trip is to Taiwan, I absolutely had to recommend you visit Jiufen, which is just outside Taipei. It's an old mining town on a mountain that overlooks the sea. It has these lovely little streets and alleyways in a part of the town called Jiufen Old Street. I imagine it would be beautiful during Chinese New Year. I think it's the place where Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki got his inspiration for the animated film "Spirited Away" (check it out if you haven't heard of it). Visit Keelung while you're there too, its a fishing village and I heard it has great seafood night markets. In Taipei you must visit this little cake shop called Piece of Cake Cafe.

    If you have time, visit Kenting, which is on the southernmost tip of Taiwan. You take the high speed rail from Taipei to Kaohsiung (2 - 2.5 hours I think), then a 1 hour taxi or bus to Kenting. It has gorgeous beaches and lots of rolling green hills. Rent a scooter and just ride along the coast.

    Hope this helps!

    (I have pictures here if you're interested:
    (Piece of Cake Cafe, Taipei:

    • by Vicky on February 6, 2015  7:07 am Reply

      Amazing, thank you! I'm going straight to Kenting as soon as I arrive. Need some sun! I'll definitely get a scooter. Cheers for the heads up :) And Jiufen sounds amazing – just your description. I'm not going to Google it so it's an amazing surprise, but I'll try my hardest to go. I have 6 days in Taipei at the end of my trip so I'm sure there'll be some time in there to go and check it out. And I'm sure I'll fit in that cake shop too! Thanks so much for the tips. I'll let you know how I get on.

      • by Dianne on February 6, 2015  8:05 am Reply

        Great! Can't wait to read about your experience. :):) Kenting and Jiufen are my 2 favourite places. oh i hope you don't mind, I know three more food places:
        1. Mala Yuanyang Hotpot. 5mins walk from Ximending train station. (all-you-can-eat buffet hotpot. It's popular so try to make reservations! If you don't speak mandarin you might want to get someone who does to help):

        2. Ah Zhong Mian Xian (It's a stall in Ximending that sells rice noodles with oysters)

        3. Yonghe doujiang da wang:永和豆漿大王. Best soy bean milk in the WORLD. :) it's a breakfast place and lots of Taiwanese were buying soy curd and dough fritters here.

        • by Vicky on February 6, 2015  10:29 am Reply

          No, I love it! Keep them coming. So excited now! Ready for the heat and the beaches and the scooters and the cake and all the FOOD! Thanks for your help :)

          • by Dianne on February 6, 2015  1:39 pm

            Haha yes it must be quite cold in Japan now. I was there over Christmas and New Year's. HAVE FUN in Taiwaan!!

  4. by Dave Wilson on February 9, 2015  3:50 am Reply

    I hope you have as good a time in Taiwan as I did. I'm delighted that you like my Taipei skyline shot - this is just a gentle reminder that you need to add copyright attribution (i.e. Photo (c) 2012 Dave Wilson) to comply with the Creative Commons license that lets you use it for free and, if you're getting it direct from Flickr, a link back to the original image.

    • by Vicky on February 9, 2015  12:45 pm Reply

      Hi Dave, thanks for that. I missed it off. How do you check for that? Do you have some software or do you manually check all your images? I'd like to do it for mine.

      Thanks, and thanks for a great pic!


  5. by Angela on February 9, 2015  11:51 pm Reply

    Taroko Gorge is a must. We went on a tour with a small group for the day. The tour was inexpensive and enjoyable. The scenery magnificent. It was very crowded in some areas also.

    • by Vicky on February 10, 2015  9:25 am Reply

      Oo great, where did you go from? A day trip sounds like a good idea...

      • by Angela on February 10, 2015  11:00 am Reply

        We stayed in Hualian. if you stay there you should go to the night food markets over the railway and go to Ling Ji Corn BBQ. We had a great time talking to him (his daughter was home from university in America....from memory... and translating for us). He was extremely proud of his BBQ corn stall and the other stall holders were equally as proud. We had a great night!

        • by Vicky on February 14, 2015  6:21 am Reply

          Thanks Angela! Hoping to get there on Monday :)

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