I’ve got a few more days in Japan and then it’s Taiwan time for me!

On 9th February I’ll be arriving in this little country – that I don’t actually know anything about – and I’ll be there for two weeks. So far my plans include:

  • Going straight to Hengchun for the surf.
  • Being in Taipei for Chinese New Year on the 19th Feb.
  • And in Pingxu for the Lantern Festival on the 22nd Feb.

And that’s about it!

Help me!

I'm going to Taiwan

If you have any suggestions for things to do in Taiwan I’d be very grateful. I need places to stay, restaurants to eat in, activities to experience and sights to see.

Let me know in the comments section below, on Twitter @VickyFlipFlop or just send me an email at [email protected]

Photo © 2012 Dave Wilson

Thanking ya’ll in advance!

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