Three years ago today I set up

Never, did I ever, think it would become my life as much as it has. It’s enabled me to meet awesome people, to travel the world, leave my job and to create a life for myself I couldn’t have even dreamt of.

Happy Birthday to Me

Hard work, opportunistic thinking, networking, creativity and a genuine love for travel and blogging has kept me at it, as well as just a personal desire to see my site improve. Check out these header screenshots from over the years…

Happy 3rd blog birthday to me

Happy 3rd blog birthday to me

Happy 3rd blog birthday to me Happy 3rd blog birthday to me

Happy 3rd blog birthday to me

Travel blogging

Over the past month I’ve been publishing the Travel Blogger High series, where wannabe travel bloggers can learn more about creating a successful travel blog. It’s been so good, and interesting, to hear everyone’s stories of their travel blogging journeys in the comments section and via email. I love how travel blogging is genuinely making people’s lives better – it definitely has mine.

I wanted to narrow the whole three years down into three defining moments, or three best photos, or three something, but I can’t. So instead I’ll thank three lots of people:

  • My readers who keep me sharing my experiences by reading my posts and constant social media updates.
  • All my friends – travel bloggers, ‘normal people’ and family – who’ve supported me, travelled with me and always inspire me.
  • Myself, for keeping with it, working hard and pursuing exactly what I wanted to do – however much that’s changed over the years. It’s paid off!

Too much to thank myself? Nah! 

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